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Strategic Workforce Planning

DHRM assists agencies with crafting workforce strategies to address their unique risks and challenges, which also serves to meet the legislative mandated workforce plan outlined in § 2.2-1209.C of the Code of Virginia.

Updated Agency Workforce Plans are due to DHRM by September 30th of each year. Learn more about the annual workforce plan requirement in the workforce analysis section.
Understanding Strategic Workforce Planning
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Strategic Workforce Planning Process, Tools, and Templates
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Understanding Strategic Workforce Planning
Aligning Workforce Actions with Strategic Priorities

The strategic workforce planning process utilizes insights from workforce analytics to proactively identify current and future workforce needs, risks, and challenges and to craft an overall workforce strategy that aligns with the strategic priorities of the agency.

DHRM convenes a workforce planning advisory committee made up of representatives from various agencies across the Commonwealth. Together, the committee works to provide key insights and feedback regarding the direction of workforce planning for the Commonwealth. As we continue to grow the workforce planning capabilities, DHRM and the Advisory Committee are guided by five key pillars of our workforce planning strategic framework.

Strategic Framework Pillars
Collaboration with stakeholders
  • Workforce Planning Advisory Committee
  • Measure impact of tools to identify areas of improvement
Lead a holistic and flexible approach
  • Consistency between systems, areas, terminology, and guides
  • Incorporate supporting data or other reporting requirements
Establish suite of integrated tools
  • Create range of tools and templates to assist the WFP process
  • Ensure seamless integration between tools and templates
Support agency data analysis & visualization
  • Apply data analytics best practices
  • Present key findings using various methods
  • Provide communication on key insights
Drive meaning of the workforce planning process
  • Align WFP tools and templates around purpose of each
  • Encourage continual engagement with the WFP process

DHRM’s strategic approach to workforce planning focuses on the areas of organizational resilience, recruitment, retention & engagement, and workforce development while also incorporating other agency reporting, such as the Employment Opportunities Plan, any Diversity, Opportunity and Inclusion plans, or any other Agency strategic plans.

Workforce Planning Areas
Organizational Resilience

The core aspect of strategic workforce planning, which focuses on elements related to critical roles, retirements, and executives.


Focuses on applicants, hiring practices, and hiring needs.

Retention & Engagement

Focuses on understanding both internal and external talent mobility and elements of the employee experience.

Workforce Development

Focus on identifying how the agency prepares their workforce to be both ready and capable of meeting future skill needs.

Future Direction of the Agency

Identifies the strategic priorities of the agency that impact or are impacted by the other four workforce planning areas.

Strategic Workforce Planning Process, Tools, and Templates
Translating Workforce Analytics into Actionable Strategies
WF Analysis

Part 1:
Workforce Analysis

Strategic workforce planning begins with a thorough understanding of the agency workforce and assessment of the agency’s internal and external environments.

*Requires Access to the Specific Tool. For more information, please contact


Part 2:
Strategy Development

Using insights from the workforce analysis, the next part of the strategic workforce planning process is to identify specific actions that align with strategic priorities and address key risks, challenges, or workforce needs.

Strategy Development
Strategy Implementation

Part 3:
Strategy Implementation

The final stage of strategic workforce planning centers around implementation, to include communication plans, timelines, and monitoring progress and impacts of action items.

Available Templates

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Available Tools

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Agency Support and Additional Resources
Providing Continual Support and Coaching for Agencies
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Gearing Up Podcast

Gearing Up is an audio podcast discussing specific workforce planning topics and provides an opportunity to hear from guests with deep knowledge and understanding.

Gearing Up can be listened to through the links below or by visiting the Workforce Planning section of the Virginia Learning Center

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