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Workforce Development

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About Workforce Development

Workforce development is instrumental in developing individual and organizational capabilities for fulfilling the mission of state government. DHRM supports workforce development by leading, promoting, and embedding a culture of continuous workplace learning, advancement, and growth supportive of individual, team, and organizational development. Our goal is to holistically support workforce development through the following programs and resources.

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Commonwealth Of Virginia Learning Center Management

Learning Management and Development

Learning Measurement and Impact


Virginia Management Fellows Program

Workplace Coaching

Workforce Support Programs

  • Telework
  • Adjunct Emergency Workforce

Internship Programs Support

Learning Resources


DHRM Learning Resources for Agencies

DHRM Learning Opportunities Catalog
Catalog of learning opportunities available from DHRM for leaders, employees, and teams.

Required Training
Required training for Executive Branch employees.

Educational Leave and Assistance Policies
Commonwealth of Virginia Educational Leave and Assistance Policies

Mentoring Toolkit
Toolkit providing guidance and information for establishing mentoring programs.

Learning Methods Guide
Guide that describes different approaches for learning.

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Learning Management System (LMS)

Commonwealth of Virginia Learning Center (COVLC)
The COVLC serves as the Commonwealth’s application and repository for e-learning and training content.

COVLC Overview
Video overview of how to access and use the COVLC.

Workforce Development Programs


Virginia Management Fellows Program

Virginia Management Fellows Program
The Virginia Management Fellows (VMF) Program is a workforce development program managed by DHRM in partnership with Virginia Tech’s School of Public and International Affairs. The program provides participants (Fellows) with three 8 month agency rotations over a two-year paid term of employment in classified positions. Fellows are also supported in their development with learning opportunities including public budgeting, analytics, legislative process, leadership, and more.  Contact to learn more!

DHRM Workplace Coaching

Workplace Effectiveness Coaching
Coaching provided for Employees, Teams, and Leaders to improve their communication, productivity, career growth, and work style effectiveness through assessment, understanding, and planned change

Conflict Management Coaching
Coaching that is designed to help an employee better understand their individual conflict behavior in order to promote more effective workplace conflict resolution.

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Internship Program Resources

Internship Programs provide a valuable opportunity to develop skills through applied experience in a workplace setting.  Through internship opportunities, agencies set the stage for growing their workforce.

Workforce Support Programs

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