Virginia Department of Human Resource Management

About DHRM

The Virginia Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) is the central human resource agency for the Commonwealth of Virginia. We make people our business and strive to be a recognized leader and trusted partner in bringing forth best practices to attract, develop and retain the Commonwealth's workforce.

DHRM is responsible for the establishment of the Commonwealth's job classification structure; base and non-base compensation programs; a variety of benefits programs that cover current and retired state employees, as well as some local government employees; employee-management relations; performance management programs that include establishing standards for employee conduct grounded in civility in the workplace; talent acquisition and retention; and employee training and development. DHRM is responsible for introducing technology and system solutions for the management of people-related data and processes. Equal employment opportunity remains a top priority with an expanded focus on diversity, equity and inclusion within the workplace. Operating in a decentralized human resources environment, DHRM is required to administer a program of evaluation of the effectiveness of performance of personnel activities of the agencies of the Commonwealth.   

Our Mission...

The Virginia Department of Human Resource Management is the central human resource agency for state government dedicated to providing a broad range of leadership, services and guidance to the Commonwealth and its stakeholders.

Our Vision...

To be a national leader of innovative human resource practices.

Our Values - "Ethics"

  • EXCELLENCE: We strive to be the best at what we do and are accountable for our own performance.
  • TEAMWORK: We support each other and blend our diverse talents and backgrounds and share information and resources.
  • HONOR: We model integrity, mutual respect, and fairness in everything we do.
  • INNOVATION: We encourage the acquisition of new skills, thoughtful risk taking, and receptiveness to change.
  • CUSTOMER FOCUS: We deliver products and services of the highest quality in a timely manner to our customers.
  • STEWARDSHIP: We manage public resources responsibly.
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