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Employee Benefits

The Commonwealth offers multiple benefits to state employees from health benefits to paid leave and flexible work schedules. 

Here is a list of benefits available to eligible state employees. Contact your agency HR department for questions.

Health Benefits & Flexible Spending
  Life and Long-Term Care Insurance

Upon employment full-time classified employees automatically are enrolled in a group life insurance policy at no cost the employee. This plan provides natural death, accidental death and dismemberment coverage. Coverage is the equivalent of two times the employee's annual salary for natural death and four times the employee's annual salary for accidental death. Get additional information on the Group Life Insurance Plans

State employees are eligible to apply for optional life insurance coverage to enroll themselves, spouse, and/or eligible children. The employee pays the premiums. Additional information can be found at
Members of the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program (VSDP) have long-term care insurance paid by the state through the Virginia Retirement System (VRS). Additional information can be found at
  Retirement and Savings

Membership in the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) is automatic. The VRS retirement plan is a qualified 401(a) defined benefit plan which pays eligible members a lifetime benefit amount based on years of service, age, and compensation. VRS members may also participate in the Virginia Deferred Compensation Plan. Additional information can be found at

The Commonwealth's Deferred Compensation Plan (DCP) is a voluntary tax-deferred retirement savings program that is available to individuals who are employed by the Commonwealth of Virginia in either a salaried or wage position. Additional information can be found at


Changes in your lifestyle can have a big impact on your health. The CommonHealth employee wellness program strives to make a difference in the health of employees and the workplace by integrating health into the work culture. More than 40 different health promotion services are offered to state agencies,, including fitness and stress management, personal health and safety, and weight control and nutrition. See information.

The Commonwealth of Virginia offers Weight Watchers at special pricing to benefit eligible state employees, spouses and adult dependents. Visit Weight Watchers for information on the program options, special offerings and how to join.

Capitol Square Healthcare removes the “hassle-factor” of healthcare by offering all state employees and their families convenient, affordable primary care at or near the workplace. Located in the James Monroe Building in downtown Richmond. See more information
  Work/Life Balance

As part of the Commonwealth's efforts to support increased employee productivity and engagement, business continuity readiness, along with reduced traffic and wear and tear on public transportation in the state certain employees may be designated as eligible to telework some or all of a work week from home or an alternate work location. Contact your agency for additional information.

The employee assistance program provided to health plan members offers up to four visits at no cost to you or members of your household for counseling in such areas as mental health, substance abuse, work and family issues, and financial or legal matters. Get additional information on the Employee Assistance Program.

Virginia State Government provides provisions for educational assistance. Such assistance varies and is dependent upon the policies and procedures of individual state agencies. See Policy 5.10 for additional information or contact your agency.

Employment at an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia, may qualify you to receive student loan forgiveness under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF). Learn more to see whether you might qualify!
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