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Commonwealth of Virginia Exit Survey

In partnership with Mercer, the Department of Human Resource Management invites classified employees who left voluntarily, interagency transfers, and recent retirees to participate in an exit survey to better understand their job experience, reasons for leaving, and key factors unique to the Commonwealth of Virginia.
For Employees

Learn more about the invitation process, how to participate, and what you can do prior to leaving employment to ensure you can participate.

For Agency Human Resources

Learn more of the invitation process, the HR Admin Tool, and reporting capabilities to increase participation and leverage important findings for agency workforce strategies.

For questions regarding the Exit Survey, please contact

Exit Survey Information For Employees
Sharing Your Work Experience at the Commonwealth of Virginia
The entire exit survey process is managed by a third-party vendor, Mercer-Sirota, who distributes survey invitations, collects and develops reports from responses, and answers questions regarding survey access.

Some Agency Human Resources are able to launch or provide the survey invitation to the employee themselves. Check with your respective human resources team to see if they have this capability.

Survey Invitations

Invitations are with sent through email or as a post-card if no email is provided.

Employees who leave employment typically receive the survey invitation the month after they leave employment.

How to Participate

If the invitation is sent via email, simply use the link in the email provided.

If the invitation is sent via postcard, simply follow the instructions on the card.

A paper copy of the survey is available upon request by contacting:

Before Leaving Employment

First, check with your Agency Human Resources to see if they can setup the exit survey for you.

Ensure your personal email address and mailing address are correct in Cardinal.


Exit Survey Information for Agency Human Resources
Increasing Participation and Leveraging Insights for Workforce Strategies

HR Admin Tool

The HR Admin Tool allows specific individuals at an Agency to setup employees with the exit survey by either:

Launching it to be completed immediately.

Sending the employee an initiation via email.

Or providing the employee with a link to complete the survey.

Contact for questions or setting up access.

Survey Reports

Reports from exit survey responses are provided by the vendor, Mercer-Sirota, for each fiscal year quarter and for the entire fiscal year.

For a report to be generated, at least three responses must be received.

Reporting access is limited to two individuals per agency (typically the HR director and a backup).

Custom reports are also available upon request.

Contact for questions, access, or to request custom reports.

Leveraging Insights for Workforce Strategies

The exit survey can be a great starting point in understanding the agency employee experience.

Coupled with analysis of key workforce metrics, insights can be leveraged to craft effective strategies that target the recruitment, retention, and development employees at the Agency.

Visit the DHRM Strategic Workforce Planning webpage to learn more.

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