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Beat the Flu
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Upcoming Events and Activities

  • November 2023 Financial Wellness Program

    Providing resources to help you achieve financial independence & wellness remain a priority in 2023. Please check out this month's flyer to obtain the details of the financial education offerings and resources.

  • December 2023 Financial Wellness Program

  • 2023 DHRM HR Conference; Accelerating State HR: Creating and Maintaining a Best-in-Class Workforce

    The 2023 DHRM HR Conference will be held on November 29 -30 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center. This dynamic, two-day event will bring together all levels of state HR professionals and Safety Officers, featuring informative sessions, applied best-in-class examples, and motivational keynote speakers. Register today and share this information with your respective staff.

  • Driver Safety: A Crash Course in Accident Prevention

    The program is designed to be used at agency facilities to review strategies and tactics for safe drivers and provide tips on how to prevent vehicle crashes. In addition to safe driving techniques, the program also reviews how to safely handle various types of roadway emergencies and facilitates discussion about various driving dilemmas.

  • Shop Safety

    Shop Safety

  • PPE: Are You Making the Best Selection?

    Do you know what personal protective equipment is appropriate for your employees? What exactly will this equipment protect them from? Are there multiple hazards to be considered? How do you select what BEST protects employees? Even if you don’t purchase PPE for employees, do you make recommendations to help them protect themselves from workplace hazards like slips? What factors should be considered when making PPE selections? If any of these questions have ever crossed your mind or if they’ve been asked within your agency, this class is for you. Cost effective solutions that provide the best for your employees, while working within budget restrictions, is achievable.