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Disability - Long Term and Short Term

The Virginia Sickness and Disabiilty Plan(VSDP) provides state employees with income security when they cannot work because of a partial or total disability. The program includes sick, family and personal leave; short-term disability benefits; long-term disability benefits and a long-term care program. VSDP benefits cover non-work-related and work-related conditions.

The VSDP focuses on helping employees make a safe return to full duties following a disability. Return-to-work plans, such as job modifications or vocational/medical rehabilitation, may be developed in consultation with the employer and treating healthcare or medical professional to assist in the employee's recovery and return to a regular schedule. Additional information ... 

Group Life Insurance Plans

Upon employment full-time classified employees automatically are enrolled in a group life insurance policy at no cost the employee. This plan provides natural death, accidental death and dismemberment coverage. Coverage is the equivalent of two times the employee's annual salary for natural death and four times the employee's annual salary for accidental death. Get additional information on the Group Life Insurance Plans

Optional Life Insurance Plans

State employees are eligible to apply for optional life insurance coverage to enroll themselves, spouse, and/or eligible children. The employee pays the premiums.Additional information

Long-Term Care Insurance

Members of the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program (VSDP) have long-term care insurance paid by the state through the Virginia Retirement System (VRS). Additional information can be found at www.varetire.org

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