Virginia Department of Human Resource Management

Diversity, Opportunity, and Inclusion

Who We Are

The D&I Unit is dedicated to building and sustaining a diverse and inclusive workforce at all levels of state government. That dedication includes three doctrines to ensure the success of our mission:

Promote Cultural Competence

We will ensure that every aspect of recruitment, hiring training, advancement and retention practices are equitable, as measured by our workforce that reflect the diversity we value and the inclusivity to which we desire.

Champion Equity

We will spearhead the maintenance and creation of policies and practices that help eliminate barriers to the active participation of underrepresented and systematically marginalized groups.

Embrace All Employees

We will forge new pathways to engagement by ensuring the contribution of employees from all segments of our society and fostering a diverse workforce that is fully invested in inclusive practices through services, products, and programs delivered.

Our Vision
Be a high-performing state workforce that capitalizes on its diversity, purposely embraces not only its collective mixture of differences, but recognizes and values the differences and the power of inclusion, and empowers all employees to deliver the best public service.
Our Mission

To strive to become a workforce that is reflective of the population it serves and recognized as the “employer of choice for all” in state government for recruiting, retaining, and sustaining a ready, diverse, and highly-skilled workforce. We will ensure that policies and practices support an inclusive culture, not only in a manner that complies with all applicable laws, but also fosters an environment in which every individual has the opportunity to prosper and contribute to the mission of their agency.

Our Commitment
The Diversity and Inclusion Unit within the Office of Workforce Engagement will continuously work towards a path forward in achieving a sustainable transformative workplace where subtle, overt, interpersonal and formal discrimination becomes a thing of the past. The path forward will enable us to consciously audit HR processes from talent acquisition to talent off-boarding and remove barriers that prevent state government to progress from non-compliance to “employer of choice for all”.

The D&I Team

Justin  Shreve

Director, Office of Workforce Engagement

Ryan Bridgett

D&I Consultant

Navodita Varma

D&I Consultant

Marta Squadrito

D&I Consultant
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