Virginia Department of Human Resource Management


Eligible Employees for Severance Benefits

The following employees are eligible to receive severance benefits:

  • All full-time classified employees who are involuntarily separated as defined in this policy.
  • Restricted full-time employees; however, restricted employees in grant-funded positions as defined in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance are eligible to receive severance benefits ONLY if the funding source has agreed to assume all financial responsibility in its written contract with the Commonwealth.
  • Part-time employees who are eligible to receive layoff benefits under Policy 1.30, Layoff; however, part-time employees are ineligible for the enhanced retirement benefit under this policy.

Employees placed in a separated-layoff status are not eligible to receive severance benefits.

NOTE: Certain other groups of employees such as administrative and professional faculty of state educational institutions also are eligible for the provisions of the Workforce Transaction Act; see Section 2.2-3202 of the Code of Virginia for the full listing of those eligible.

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