Virginia Department of Human Resource Management

Employment Dispute Resolution

Employment Dispute Resolution

The Office of Employment Dispute Resolution (EDR) provides state agencies and their employees with a broad range of workplace dispute resolution tools that assure solutions to workplace conflict consistent with the Commonwealth's human resource policies and related law.

EDR does not advocate for employees or management, but, rather, provides impartial services to assist in the resolution of workplace disputes.


A process where workplace concerns can be raised by an employee with agency management and may qualify for a hearing before an independent, neutral hearing officer.


A voluntary process where EDR mediators assist Virginia state employees experiencing workplace conflict in exploring their differences and developing their own solutions to these concerns.

Conflict Coaching

A service to help employees better understand their individual conflict behaviors and develop an action plan for improvement; provided through EDR's Workplace Conflict Consultation Program.


EDR's Division of Hearings currently consists of one full-time Hearing Officer, a pool of approximately 11 part-time hearing officers, and one administrative program specialist.

Advice Line

Confidential consultation on employment rights and responsibilities as well as available options in resolving workplace conflict.

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