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Health Benefits

Qualifying Mid-Year Event

(Contact your Benefits Administrator or Agency Human Resource Office for additional information)

Adding Family Members To Coverage
  • Marriage (certified marriage certificate) 
  • Birth or Adoption (birth certificate/hospital announcement or adoption agreement)
  • Judgment, Decree, or Order to Add Child (court order)
  • Lost eligibility Under Governmental Plan (government documentation)
  • Lost eligibility Under Medicare or Medicaid (government documentation)
  • Spouse or Child Lost Eligibility Under Their Employers Plan (employer documentation)
Removing Family Members From Coverage
  • Divorce (divorce decree) 
  • Death of Spouse (documentation validating death)
  • Death of Child (documentation validating death)
  • Child Covered Under Plan Lost Eligibility (documentation to support)
  • Judgment, Decree or Order to Remove Child (court order)
  • Gained Eligibility Under Medicare or Medicaid (government documentation)
  • Spouse or Child Gained Eligibility Under Their Employers Plan (employer documentation)
Other Events
  • Employment Change (Full-time to Part-time)
  • Employment Change (Part-time to Full-time)
  • Unpaid Leave Began
  • Unpaid Leave Ended
  • Dependent Care Cost or Coverage Change (documentation from dependent care provider)
  • HIPAA Special Enrollment Due to Loss of Other Coverage (HIPAA certificate)
  • Move Affecting Eligibility for Health Care Plan (agency validates move)
  • Other Employers Open Enrollment or Plan Change (employer documentation)
  • Enrollment in a Marketplace Exchange Health Plan (Documentation of the Marketplace coverage enrollment and the effective date of coverage)
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