Virginia Department of Human Resource Management

Policy Guide - Reminders Regarding Military Leave Issues

  • Annual Leave Carryover: Qualified employees with annual leave balances over the maximum carryover amount may be eligible to have the excess leave converted to Military Bank leave. Military Bank leave can be used to maintain paid status during future military deployments.
  • Reinstatement from Military Leave: Employees cannot be reinstated to their classified status prior to the date of their military discharge.
  • Active Military Supplement: Employees on military leave without pay may be eligible to receive the active military supplement. A copy of the employee's Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) must be provided to the agency to verify his or her military salary and any allowances.
  • 15 days of paid leave. Employees on military leave without pay do not have access to the 15 days of paid military leave unless they have returned from military leave and are again deployed or required to attend military training.
  • FMLA: The time employees are on military leave counts towards their eligibility for FMLA.
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