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August 2023

Applicant Flags - Virginia National Guard

  • Applicant flags were designed to mark an applicant based on the applicant’s answers to questions on the application and were not intended to be updated by recruiters. Applicant Flags stay with an applicant regardless of the position they apply for.
  • To ensure that this information remains accurate, we will be making this flag read only.
  • We will be moving “Strong Candidate” and “Check Eligibility” to Application Flags.

Application Flags

  • Application flags were meant for Recruiters to mark candidates during the applicant screening process. After review, we will be removing most of the application flags as they represent application statuses.

Application Workflow

  • We have added “No Show for Job Interview” to the reasons list. You can access this selection when an applicant does not show up for the interview and you select Interview Declined. From there, in the Interview Declined reason section, you would use the dropdown to select No Show for Job Interview. In addition, we have removed several reasons from this dropdown that did not apply.
  • Added the following application statuses:
    • Interview Scheduling Unsuccessful
    • Second Interview Unsuccessful
    • Verbal Offer Unsuccessful
  • Updated the following application statuses:
    • Updated Removal Request to Withdraw from Consideration
  • Added dropdown list to Interview Decline application status so recruiters can select the reason the applicant gave when declining the interview.

Role Permissions

  • Hiring Managers now have the ability to bulk compile and send their applications.

Job Card

  • To help with EEO reporting and analysis, the following question on the Job Card is now required – “Is this a continuous recruitment?”

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