Virginia Department of Human Resource Management

The agencies of the Commonwealth carry out programs to celebrate milestones in their employees' length of service. These programs provide an important way to acknowledge employee contributions to the effective functioning of Virginia's state government. Service Recognition Programs especially reward employees who choose to make their careers with the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Agencies may contact the Contractor to have a Service Award Program customized to their needs. This customization could include, as an example, use of an agency’s logo, tailoring the awards to the agency’s specific budget, online tool to have a fully supported web experience, or complete management of the agency’s reward program. These additional features do have an additional cost associated with them. Agencies may contact the Contractor to set up a meeting to work on tailoring the awards to their specific budget and milestones at no additional cost.

One option available to agencies is to allow the employees to select a donation to charity in lieu of an award. The Contractor will help the agency set this up to ensure they do not have an additional tax burden. The agency would:

  • Set the amount of money based on the service milestone
  • Determine if they want to choose a CVC charity or allow each employee to select which CVC charity would receive their donations. 


  • MTM Recognition

Service Recognition Program administrators may learn more at:

In the “Search For” field enter CTR005904. You can search keywords using "service awards"or "awards".

After agencies have decided which award items they want to make available to their employees, they should inform their employees how to view their gift selection.

Employees should contact their human resource office to learn the details of their agency's Service Recognition Program.

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