Virginia Department of Human Resource Management

Emergency Office Closings

Who Decides To Close

  • The Governor makes closing decisions about the daytime work hours of administrative agencies in the Richmond Metro Area when emergency conditions affect more than one agency. This area includes the City of Richmond and the counties of Chesterfield, Henrico, and Hanover.
  • Agency heads outside the Richmond Metro Area make closing decisions for their agencies.
  • All college and university presidents make closing decisions for their institutions. 

How Will You Know

For closing information for agencies in the Richmond Metro Area you can:

  • Listen to WRVA radio (1140 AM) or any Clear Channel affiliate (Q94, Lite 98, XL102, 106.5, Sports Radio 910)
  • Watch local television stations WTVR (6), WRIC (8), and WWBT (12)
  • Visit the Department of Human Resource Management’s website at
  • Follow DHRM on Twitter at

If you’re employed outside the Richmond Metro area check with your supervisor or agency human resource director for details about local media announcements and your agency's emergency closing procedures.

How do you know if you’re a "designated" employee?

The Emergency Closings Policy applies to all classified, restricted, and At-Will employees. The policy describes “designated” and “non-designated” employees. “Designated” employees are those who are required to report to their assigned facility during an official closing because the services they provide are essential to agency operations conducted on-site during emergencies. Agencies and institutions are required to tell employees if they are “designated” or “non-designated”.

Telework During an Emergency Closing

Employees authorized for remote work are to follow their agency's teleworking requirements

Stay Informed

No matter where you work you need to stay informed about your agency’s procedure for office closings. Your supervisor or human resource office can give you this information and answer questions that often arise during and after an office closing.
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