Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply to the Virginia State Employee Assistance Fund (VSEAF) Grant Program?
Active Virginia State Employees can apply for assistance (including full-time and part-time employees but not contractors) who do not have an existing assistance fund in their agency. VCU Health Systems, Virginia Department of Corrections, and UVA all have internal assistance funds.

How much can I ask for?
Grants are typically fulfilled up to the limit of $500.00. Grants are funded solely by contributions from CVC and are limited to the funds available and raised.

Do monies have to be repaid?
Rest assured that funds do not need to be repaid. It is a grant and not a loan.

Will my application be kept confidential?
Yes. The VSEAF Grant Program keeps information and applications confidential.

What types of requests does the VSEAF Grant Program cover?
Typically employees request funds due to serious emergencies (i.e. fire to home or property and unforeseen costs due to death or illness of a loved one).

What types of requests does the VSEAF Grant Program not cover?

  • Requests based on medical costs that are covered by insurance
  • Requests based on refundable deposits
  • Requests based on the rising cost of gas for vehicle or home heating use will not be reviewed.
  • Requests that are not connected to an unforeseen emergency situation

How long does the process typically take?
7 to 10 business days from the day they are received.


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