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The VSEAF is a recognized 501c(3) charity member of the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC), Code 203040.
Click on the CVC Donation Page choose the "Select a Charity" option , type in The Virginia State Employee Assistance Fund (VSEAF)

Code :203040


Host an Event

You can host a special event to raise funds for the The Virginia State Employee Assistance Fund (VSEAF) by creating an event website for your special event allowing you to share your event online and collect donations and ticket sales. CVC will follow up to provide further assistance once your special event is registered learn more about it here: Special Events Registration.

Start a Fundraiser

Create a fundraiser for VSEAF or a local CVC charity of your choice for others to support! State employees are able to raise funds on their own (Individual fundraising) or partner with other colleagues by creating a team (Agency Team Fundraising). To learn more visit:

Volunteer your time!

VSEAF needs volunteers at our 2022 Charity Fair/Expo and other special events. Sign up to volunteer your time at one of these special events located in Richmond, Virginia! Contact us at if you’re interested or have questions regarding volunteer opportunities or charity fairs.


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