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2018-19 Flu Season
Combat the Flu By Going to Your Neighborhood Pharmacy!

It's easy to be a flu fighter. Simply get a flu shot. Got yours yet?

Having a flu shot is the best way to help prevent influenza, commonly know as flu.  
Although flu shots are no guarantee against getting sick, you can protect yourself against flu by getting a FREE flu shot at your local drug store. Just show your COVA Care, COVA HealthAware or COVA HDHP plan ID card to the participating pharmacist to get flu shots at no cost for you and covered family members.  

The COVA Care and COVA HDHP prescription drug programs are with Anthem, while the COVA HealthAware program is with Aetna. 

Follow these steps

  • Click on the link to your health plan to find participating pharmacies and         other providers.
  • If your retail drug store is shown as participating with your health plan, call     them to verify that you may receive the flu shot at no cost and ask when         this season’s flu shots will be available.
  • Once you have the information, go to the pharmacy and present your             COVA Care, COVA HealthAware or COVA HDHP health plan ID card.
  • Get your flu shot at no charge. It is covered by your prescription drug             benefit.

​Remember these tips

  • Be sure to get your flu shot from the participating pharmacy and not from a third party vendor who may be holding a clinic at the store. 
  • Check the link to your plan below for a list of local participating pharmacies and other providers. Your state agency location may be working with a local pharmacy to provide free flu shots onsite. Be sure to ask about local schedules. Kaiser Permanente HMO plan members have access to free flu shots at participating Kaiser medical centers.

Participating Pharmacies



Click on
this spreadsheet  to find the names of participating pharmacies.  The tabs at the bottom separate them by category.

COVA HealthAware Providers 

Use the 
DocFind function at www.COVAHealthAware.com to identify participating providers. Click on either “Find a flu shot/vaccine provider” or “Pharmacies” to find participating pharmacies and walk-in clinics that can provide a flu shot. When you click on providers, you will get additional information regarding their specific processes.

Capitol Square Healthcare                             

The Richmond health and wellness center will provide free regular and high dose flu shots onsite for all state employees and non-Medicare eligible retirees beginning in late September. For an appointment, visit www.capitolsquarehealthcare.com.


Health Plan or Status


COVA HealthAware
$0 visit
No cost for vaccine
Kaiser Permanente HMO
TRICARE supplement
No state health coverage
Wage employees

$0 for visit and pay $16, actual cost of vaccine

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