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EEDR's Statewide Workplace Mediation Service

EEDR's Workplace Mediation Program is a confidential, fair, and voluntary process in which neutral, impartial mediators assist Virginia state employees in exploring potential joint resolutions to their workplace conflicts. The mediators aid the participants in making decisions together, based on an understanding of their own views, the other's views, and the situation they face.

Workplace mediation offers the opportunity to improve employee morale and teamwork, enhance work performance and productivity, and develop the skills necessary to resolve future disputes in a safe, non-judgmental environment. It is recognized as a crucial and cost-effective tool towards resolving some of the most common and difficult conflicts, including those involving:

  • Communication Difficulties
  • Trust and Respect Concerns
  • Personality Clashes
  • Misunderstanding of Work Expectations
  • Differences is Management and Work Styles

What is EEDR's role in providing workplace mediation?
EEDR provides two, three, and four-party mediations statewide and free of charge for any state employee of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  For two, three, or four-party mediations, EEDR will work with an agency's mediation coordinator to schedule one or two trained and certified mediator(s) at the mediation participants' preferred location.

For group facilitations that involve five or more participants, please contact EEDR's Director of Workplace Conflict at (804) 225-2992 to obtain additional information regarding eVA vendors who provide group facilitation services to Virginia state agencies.

Please note that mediation will not affect an employee's grievance rights where the parties have agreed in writing to extend the time requirements 
of the grievance procedure.  For more information regarding grievance rights, please contact EEDR's AdviceLine at 1(888) 232-3842.

How can I request a mediation?
To request a mediation, simply inform your Agency Mediation Coordinator 
of your workplace conflict. Your Agency Mediation Coordinator will then contact EEDR and we will schedule your mediation.  

What should I expect the day of my mediation?
Although EEDR requests the mediation participants to set aside an entire workday to attend a mediation session, most mediations typically last 3-4 hours.  Most mediations take place in one session, but if requested or needed, subsequent mediation sessions with your assigned mediators can be scheduled.  For more detailed information regarding the mediation process and to learn some tips for successful mediation participation, click here.

What mediation forms are used during the mediation session?
For a list of all current mediation forms,
click here.