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Benefits Administration

​Health Benefits Plans/Program (HBP)  Administrative Manual

Table of Contents

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 Adding Family Members to an Existing Family Contract                                       
 Available Health Benefit Plans
 Change of Personal Information 
 Consumer Driven Health Plans (CDHPs)
 Coordination of Benefits
 Educational Leave with Full or Partial Pay
 Eligible Active Employees and Family Members
 Extended Coverage/COBRA
 Faculty Employment/Contracts/Appointments
 Family Members Without a Social Security Number
 Flexible Spending Accounts
 Frequently Used Health Plan Acronyms
 Full-Time to Part-Time Employment
 Health Care Coverage Orders 
 Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)
 HIPAA Privacy
 Leaves of Absence with Full Pay
 Leaves Without Pay/Returning from Leaves Without Pay
 Limiting Age for Eligible Children
 ​Line of Duty Act (LODA) Health Benefits Plans
 Long Term Disability (LTD) - Virginia Sickness and Disability Plan (VSDP) and Other LTD Programs
 Medicare Eligibility of Active Employees
 Military Leave Without Pay
 New Enrollments
 Premium Rewards
 QME - Birth, Adoption or Placement for Adoption
 QME - Death of Covered Family Member
 QME - Dependent Care Cost or Coverage Change
 QME - Divorce
 QME - Employment Changes
 QME - Enrollment in a Qualified Health Plan Through the Marketplace
 QME - Gain or Lose Eligibility under Medicare or Medicaid
 QME - HIPAA Special Enrollments
 QME - Judgment, Decree or Order to Add or Remove Child 
 QME - Loss of Eligibility Under a Governmental Plan
 QME - Marriage
 QME - Move Affecting Eligibility for Health Plan
 QME - Other Employer's Open Enrollment or Allowable Plan Change
 QME - Spouse or Child Gained or Lost Eligibility under Employer Plan
 Qualifying Mid-Year Events (QMEs) - General
 Reinstatement Based on Grievance Reversal
 Retiree Health Benefits Program
 SmartShopper Savings Program
 Survivor Coverage
 Termination of Employment
 Transferring Between Agencies
 Waiving Coverage
 Workforce Transition Act - UNDER CONSTRUCTION