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Sometimes, we have goals that we want to achieve, a future that we want to create, or changes that we would like to make but we find ourselves “blocked” by challenges and unsure how to move forward.   Working with a professional Coach can help open paths around those challenges and bring your goals to life. 

Working with a professional Coach can help you:

  • Create positive change;
  • Optimize your work effectiveness;
  • Expand your career opportunities;
  • Increase your self-esteem and self-confidence;
  • Maximize your potential;
  • Increase your self-awareness;
  • Improve your work/life balance.

Coaching is offered to state employees as a growth and developmental opportunity to identify goals, craft plans to achieve those goals, and bring those plans to life.  In Coaching, the coach and employee work together to define the goal, understand the challenges, and create a path to achieve the goal. 

The Virginia Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) offers two types of professional Coaching services for state employees and agency leadership.

  • Workplace Effectiveness Coaching is offered by DHRM’s Agency Human Resource Services (AHRS).   Workplace Effectiveness Coaching may include focus areas such as:
    • Leadership Effectiveness & Growth
    • Expanding Career Opportunities
    • Communication Skills & Effectiveness
    • Increasing Productivity
    • Accelerating On-Boarding Into A New Role
    • New Leader Integration & On-Boarding
    • Work Style Effectiveness
    • Improving Work/Life Balance

Workplace Effectiveness Coaching is offered at no cost to state employees other than the investment in time to work with a professional Coach and to work towards achieving the desired goal.  Workplace Coaching is provided by a credentialed coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF)

State employees and agency leadership who are interested in learning more about Workplace Effectiveness Coaching can submit a confidential email to Workplace Effectiveness Coaching.   A Workplace Effectiveness Coach will contact interested employees to further discuss the coaching process.  

  • Conflict Coaching is offered by DHRM’s Office of Employment Dispute Resolution. Conflict coaching can help employees by:
    • Gaining a better understanding of individual conflict behavior in order to promote more effective workplace conflict resolution.
    • Improving awareness about what triggers conflict within and how to respond to workplace conflict constructively.
    • Utilizing either the individual or the 360 Conflict Dynamic Profile assessment to identify employee’s most problematic areas.
    • Working with an employee to create a personal action which outlines goals, set target dates, and helps to keep the employee accountable.
    To request conflict coaching, employees may submit a Conflict Coaching Consultation Request Form to the Office of Employment Dispute Resolution. The Workplace Conflict Consultation Program Director will then contact the employee and the agency to setup an initial conflict coaching consultation. Further instruction about the Conflict Dynamic Profile assessments and follow up coaching sessions will be provided during the initial consultation.