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Employee Recognition for Length of State Service

The agencies of the Commonwealth carry out programs to celebrate milestones in their employees' length of service. These programs provide an important way to acknowledge employee contributions to the effective functioning of Virginia's state government. Service Recognition Programs especially reward employees who choose to make their careers with the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Agencies may select from several program and vendor options. These options offer a choice of vendors and a wide range of gift items; one option includes administrative support provided (at added cost) by the vendor.

  • J. Jenkins , the vendor who has supplied service award products for several years, offers many service milestone items, those that include a state seal or flag and may show the number of years of service. J. Jenkins has expanded their line to include a number of new items. At this time, items for five- and ten-year awards are only available through J. Jenkins .
  • O. C. Tanner offers a strong line of lifestyle products. Some of these items may be purchased with state logos at an added cost.
  • O. C. Tanner administrative offers direct-order capability to employees if the employees' agency can support that order method and ensure compliance with eVA requirements. While there is an added cost to this approach, some agencies may find it beneficial because it will relieve agency staff of some administrative duties associated with the program. Agencies interested in using this method need to contact the Contract Officer at the Division of Purchases and Supply.

Service Recognition Program administrators may learn more about these options at http://dps.dgs.state.va.us/dps/ . On the right side of the web page under the section titled " Quick Links , " click on " Employee Recognition Awards . " The next page will show links to the component parts of this contract which can be viewed or downloaded. Administrators should click on "Contract Award"; this section provides all of the terms and conditions of the contract plus the pricing. To view photographs or print copies of the various award items, click on these links: Jenkins Photos - Lot 1, Tanner Photos - Lot 2, or Tanner Photos with Admin - Lot 3 .

After agencies have decided which award items they want to make available to their employees, they should inform their employees how to view their gift selection.

Employees should contact their human resource office to learn the details of their agency's Service Recognition Program.