The Virginia State Employee Loan Program

The Virginia State Employee Loan Program (VSELP), a partnership between the Virginia State Employee Assistance Fund and the Virginia Credit Union, offers loans exclusively to state employees. The program links a financial fitness education program with loans of up to $500 for a six-month period. Full-time classified non-probationary state employees who are paid on a monthly or semi-monthly pay schedule are eligible for loans. Employees are eligible to receive only two (2) state loans per calendar year.   Learn More...

Please note to Agency Payrolls and Employees* This will be the last year for the Virginia State Employee Loan Program (VSELP). The program will remain active with funding state loans until Friday, December 29, 2023. Eligible loans received on December 28th will be funded by COB Friday, December 29th. Loans will still be paid back through payroll deduction as agreed per the employee's loan authorization agreement, up until the loan's maturity date which should be August 18, 2024.

Virginia Credit Union

Funds are made available by Virginia Credit Union.

Virginia State Employee Loan Program
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