Welcome to the Virginia State Employee Loan Program. This program is available to active, classified full-time non-probationary employees who have been employed with the Commonwealth for at least 12 months. Employees who are paid on a monthly or semi-monthly (1st and 16th) are eligible for this program. Employees of Independent agencies, wage employees, and employees on disability are not eligible.

Please plan ahead and allow up to five (5) business days for your loan to be funded by VSELP. While we attempt to fund new loans after the 24 hour waiting period, loan funding may take up to five (5) business days by VSELP, as other work obligations may have the Loan administrator not available at that time.

The Virginia State Employee Loan Program requires employees to successfully complete an online financial fitness course and the online loan application. Loans are available in increments of $100, up to a maximum of $500 with an APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of 24.99% and repayment over an approximate six-month term. Employees may receive up to two loans per calendar year.

The goal of the Loan Program is to improve an employee's financial fitness through education and access to short term loans.  The program is also designed to help reduce employee stress caused by financial obligations.

This program is a joint project of the Virginia Credit Union and the Virginia State Employee Assistance Fund.

Virginia Credit Union offers other loan products for amounts with various rates and terms. Before you apply for a Virginia State Employee Loan, you may want to check with the credit union first for other options that fit your needs. They can also process your loan request quickly.


  • Active full-time Virginia state employee

  • Employed with the Commonwealth for at least 12 months.

  •  Member in good standing with the Virginia Credit Union (or will become a member) with a savings or checking account

  • Paid on a monthly or semi-monthly basis (i.e. 1st and 16th or monthly)

  • Employee having access to personal or professional email account is strongly encouraged

  • Employee must complete a Balance Track Financial Fitness course with at least 8 correct answers out of 10

  • Employees of Independent Agencies are not eligible at this time.

  • Those who already received loan funds will have to wait one full business day after final repayment to apply for another loan.

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Virginia State Employee Loan Program
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