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Recognize a Co-worker

Recognize A Co-worker Thank you

It has been a turbulent and chaotic time in the Commonwealth and around the world.  As we are tested by concerns related to the Covid 19 pandemic there is no better time to recognize employees making a difference. Please join us in celebrating these employees who made a difference and thank them for their service.

Admissions’ IT Department, George Mason University

The pandemic has provided an opportunity for higher education institutions to innovate our practices. The burden of this initiative has been placed on the IT departments across our campus and other campuses and businesses around the Commonwealth (and the world). I'd like to recognize the amazing work of GMU's admission's IT department for creating new computer programs to meet our needs. I'd also like to recognize the admissions staff for working with the multitude of unique circumstances facing incoming students to provide each student with personalized attention, grace and respect while maintaining university policy, especially that of student equity.

~Submitted by: Bobbi Nelson, George Mason University
Sgt. Chiquita Riddick, VADOC-Deerfield Correctional Center

Sgt. Riddick was a training instructor when I came on board with DFCC. I noticed her take on day to day task where she would teach class, answer phones, do paper work most days on her own because the department was short staffed. She was always pleasant and did not lose patience when many questions were asked in class. I admire her work ethics and because of watching and learning from Sgt. Riddick is why I would like to make working at DFCC a career.

~Submitted by: Crystal Crews, Deerfield Correctional Center
Dacey Lewis, UVA Medical Center

Dacey has always been such a hard worker, she is dedicated to her staff, position and her patients. She has such a kind and loving soul and just goes the extra mile when she can. I am so proud of her and accomplishments. She rarely ever calls out and covers shifts when asked. She deserves the best, just as she gives her best! We love you Dacey and thank you for being the nurse you are! You are a true LEADER!

~Submitted by: Joy- UVA Medical
Ms. Keisha Malloy, DARS- Northern VA

Ms. Keisha, unit supervisor has gone above and beyond to assist me and other coworkers who got hired during the pandemic. She is understanding, very accommodating and always willingly to go above expectations to help her employees, our concerns and challenges.

~Submitted by: Paul Iroezi, DARS, Northern VA
Ms. Leticia Freed, DARS, Northern VA

Leticia trained me during my onboarding process. She is always open to answer my questions and concerns. She makes sure that I am fully equipped to do my job effectively.

~Submitted by: Paul Iroezi, DARs, Northern VA
Natasha Watson RD, VDH Page and Warren County

Natasha is currently working as clerk and nutritionist for Warren and Page counties and is also an interim WIC supervisor. She is working FIVE jobs. She never complains and always has a smile on her face.

~Submitted by: Sarah Kline VDH Shenandoah County Health Dept.?
Louisa County Health Department

For their dedication to the people of Louisa County- above and beyond and their impressive coordination with the County School to provide vaccines of all types.

~Submitted by: L.Ford, Blue Ridge Health Department
All of the Supervisors and Managers of the Altavista DMV Direct

Times have challenged us so much this past year but yet the Team with the Altavista DMV Direct have worked hard and long to keep up with the changes and to help guide the new and existing employees! I am so grateful to and for them ALL!

~Submitted by: Jill DMV Direct Altavista
The entire Franconia DMV family

no matter the tasks ......we get the job done EVERYDAY!!!!!!

~Submitted by: Gwendolyn Early, DMV- Franconia
Olivia Ahn, DOE -Office of Child Care Health and Safety, Fairfax

Olivia is our secret technology expert extraordinaire! Olivia gave her time and expertise in troubleshooting an enormous amount of tech issues that plagued all those who transitioned to DOE. She held demo Zoom group meetings ,took phone calls and answered emails all while dealing with her own technology issues. Olivia is kind, energetic and a true problem solver! It's wonderful to have her on Health and Safety's team and apart of JDO!

~Submitted by: Dawn Farmer, DOE, Office of Health and Safety-Fairfax
Michele Atkinson, Virginia Dept. of Social Services, Richmond

Michele has been extremely patient, helpful and readily available to assist with the contract renewal process for contracts that I am responsible for. As a newer employer, I truly appreciate her willingness to assist me.

~Submitted by: Valerie L. Dunbar-Brooks, Virginia Dept. of Social Services, Richmond
Joyce Tiege and Shelley Walker, VADOC - Records Dept.

During the height of the pandemic, we submitted thousands of request for information to their office; the turnaround time was quick which allowed us to stop claims that were potentially fraudulently. I could not have successfully done my job without their help.

~Submitted by: Roseanna Smith, Virginia Employment Commission
Captain Jessica Thomas, VADOC VCCW

Jessica took initiative to get a new work location up to par for an upcoming audit. She gathered a small crew of talented staff and they have knocked the tasks out of the park!

~Submitted by: Kaleb Shelton VADOC VCCW
Charles Eimers, Wilson Workforce Rehabilitation Center, Fishersville

During this turbulent time, Mr. Eimers has filled in and taken on many tasks that he did not have prior to Covid 19. He has lead by example doing whatever was needed for the greater good of our organization.

~Submitted by: Jose Rodriguez, WWRC - Fishersville
Jackie Nash, George Mason University - UNIV Courses and Programs

Throughout the pandemic, Jackie has managed multiple changes in staff and course schedules with grace, good humor, and flawless attention to detail. She’s a lovely colleague and dedicated to students.

~Submitted by: Bethany Usher, GMU, Provost’s Office
Kerry Miller, Jackie Johnson, and Vijay Ramnarain

Thank you for making me feel welcome and part of the team!

~Submitted by: Department of Education
Lila Love, Old Dominion University, Upward Bound Program

Mrs. Love is our director. She has been a steadfast leader during this "new normal". She makes sure our students and staff are afforded every resource available to them.

~Submitted by: Trudy Schumpert, Old Dominion University, Upward Bound Program
Timothie Heater, John Smith, Joseph Rivera, JSRCC - Academic & Administrative Computing Support

In the past 90 days, these three individuals have worked non-stop to make sure that the classrooms at JSRCC were operational for the start of fall classes. This was not the usual prep for Fall; this summer, the team had to partner with an outside vendor to install 24 new HyFlex Classroom spaces. They overcame multiple technical challenges, vendor delays, construction setbacks, the elimination and return of masks in a 90 degree work setting - but they never gave up. They always kept the students in mind in their work. I am so proud and honored to work with this team of people!

~Submitted by: Danielle Leek, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
Stanley Johnson & Sign Crew

They Work Hard on a daily basis, keeping traffic signs up and visible, regardless of the weather…keeping our roads and highways safe!

~Submitted by: VDOT Lynchburg, Office
Melinda Raines & Leighann Smigielski, Virginia Department of Social Services, Richmond

When COVID-19 was identified as a pandemic in the U.S. and globally in early 2020, it quickly created a state of emergency in the Commonwealth. At that time, we had far more questions than answers. Melinda and Leighann became the focal point for all pandemic response activities related to the health and well-being of our workforce. They conducted extensive research; became experts in state and federal laws, regulations and policies; kept up with ever-evolving CDC guidelines; worked with General Services to communicate best practices, ensure our facilities were sanitized, and appropriate distances were created for employees whose jobs required them to work in the office. Melinda and Leighann also worked with division managers to ensure the agency complied with the newly enacted Virginia employee health and workplace safety regulations. They spearheaded an extensive agency-wide communications campaign and served as the primary advisors to Executive Management for all workforce related decisions regarding the pandemic. Without this team’s guidance to keep our employees and workplace safe, the rest of us would not have been able to do our jobs and serve the Commonwealth. Thank you, Melinda and Leighann!

~Submitted by: Barbara Hulcher, Virginia Department of Social Services, Richmond
Dee Brown, Reid Martin, Christopher Miller, and Jim Eure - Virginia Department of Social Services, Mailroom Team

The VDSS Mailroom Team has been on site every day since the start of the pandemic, and they are constantly on the move to make sure other divisions - like the Office of Background Investigations, State Disbursement Unit, and Child Support Enforcement - are able to perform time-sensitive work. The team also worked with Licensing Programs to receive PPE and coordinate the delivery and distribution to adult living facilities, they accepted subpoenas from process servers for Benefit Programs and Appeals & Fair Hearing divisions, and assisted IT in shipping computer equipment around the state so employees could continue to work from home. During a time of uncertainty and fear, protests, and business closings, this team put themselves at risk to serve all of us, and to help us serve others. Thank you, Mailroom Team, for your commitment to essential operations during the pandemic!

~Submitted by: Barbara Hulcher, Virginia Department of Social Services, Richmond
Mary Hood, DJJ, Bon Air Juvenile Correctional Center

Mary Hood is a hard worker, dedicated and a great team player who needs to be recognized for her great contributions to the agency.

~Submitted by: Barbara Hall, DJJ, Bon Air Juvenile Correctional Center
Clinic Team, VDH, Portsmouth

The PHD Clinic Team has worked tirelessly for a year & half covering ALL aspects of COVID while working their regular duties during the week. They also worked overtime & weekends doing testing, case investigations and immunizations. The clinic team showed up every day during the pandemic, covering each other during scheduled time off & unexpected time off. They juggled work and their children's virtual school. They wore full PPE during the hot summer days and pushed through exhaustion. They are dedicated, hardworking and extremely reliable. They work well as a team and motivate each other. They are one of the best teams I've worked with! My team rocks!!

~Submitted by: Melanie Jones, Portsmouth Department of Health/ Clinic Team
Sarah Vines, SWVMHI, Occupational Therapy

Sarah Vines has gone above and beyond to assist with various issues our patients present with. She worked with a blind individual who was in a wheelchair and has not progressed to walking outside, cooking, making coffee, and more. She spent hours weekly with this person and got him involved with DBVI services for the blind. Further, she assisted with self-soothing and sensory issues with a female who had PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder. She is one of the reasons that, after approx. 7 years, the patient was able to discharge. She takes patients outside, pre covid, on passes into the community for budgeting and social skills practice, assists with ADLs, plays therapeutic games for skills building, created a sensory room, makes crafts to assist with learning and practicing skills, and more. She is one of the hardest workers I have met and genuinely cares for the patients here.

~Submitted by: Savannah LeBarre, Southwestern Virginia Mental Health Institute
DBHDS- Western State Hospital Medical Staff

Thank you to the members of the WSH Medical Staff who selflessly give of themselves to others. Remember the slogan? "Do It Afraid". The doctors, FNP's, PA-C's, PMHNP's, Pharm D's came in everyday to do their jobs. They were weary from uncertainty and yes scared at times. You rationed PPE, navigated teleworking, screened, tested and immunized staff as well as clients. Planned for absences and covered for each other when people had to be out. I'm continually amazed at how you have adapted during this stressful time. I feel so blessed to work with such a wonderful group of health professionals. Looking forward to seeing what everyone can accomplish once the masks come off!

~Submitted by: Karen Cale, DBHDS Western State Hospital
Carolyn Cress, Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, Richmond

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Ms. Carolyn (Missi) Cress of the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services for her dedication and contribution to our Division of Licensure and Regulatory Services Team. When I first came on board to DCJS, Ms. Cress welcomed me with "Open Arms" as a Supervisor and came up with creative ways to train me during the pandemic. She is a true reflection of one who "Go Above and Beyond the Call of Duty". Ms. Cress is definitely a great role model who "Leads By Example” and is a great asset to DCJS. Thank you Missi for all that you do! You are greatly appreciated. Continue to Shine your Light!

~Submitted by: Cymondria Z. Smith
VSU, Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation: Tara Anderson, Aja Bailey-Jackson, Dr. Benita Brown, Simin Eslamian, Dr. Gilbert Gipson, Dr. Chevelle Hall, Charles Hester, Briana Hunter, Tracy Lynn Jackson, Esq., Dr. Donna Kanary, Dr. Andrew Kanu, Dr. Brandon Kimble, Denise Manuel, Dr. Portia Miller, Anthony Mills, Kevin Pierce, Denise Purvis, Lawanda Raines, Dr. Serena Reese, Eugene Thompson, Fred Williams and Celeste Wynn

I would like to recognize the faculty and staff of the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, for the resiliency that they have displayed throughout this past year and for all of their tireless efforts to ensure that our students are provided with a quality transformative educational experience.

~Submitted by: Leslie Crocker
Frances Dove, George Mason University, College of Science

Frances Dove is the glue that has held our office together before and during the pandemic. She goes above and beyond every single day to ensure that the students in Mason's College of Science, as well as the faculty and staff, have the resources and supports they need to be successful. She took it upon herself to master online meeting technology and best practices for virtual engagement, and has been a tremendous support to us as we pivoted to online meetings and student events. She pivots as needed to work evenings and weekends without complaint to address the needs of our community, and her creative, innovative solutions to operational issues have saved both time and budgetary resources. She is an exemplary classified state employee, and the highest performance category does not go far enough to reflect the exceptional contributions to Mason and the Commonwealth that she makes on a daily basis in her role.

~Submitted by: Kerin Hilker-Balkissoon, George Mason University, College of Science
Abigail Nimitz, VDH, Chickahominy Health District

In 2020, when it seemed like the world was ending, Abi became an MRC volunteer for COVID testing events & helping with our local COVID hotline. I noticed (and others in our district did too) right away that she was amazing in the following ways: 1) Always on time, 2) Flexible, 3) Took initiative, 4) Came up with great solutions, 5) Kind & respectful, 6) Gave accurate information, and 7) Practiced with safety & care. We were excited when she accepted our offer for her to join the district's team as a contract temp nurse - she went right to work and led a small strike team who did over 100 testing events in our 4 counties & networked with multiple community groups to make sure we were reaching the most underserved community members. She regularly did the work of 2 - 3 full time people (packing up her SUV with supplies, making call after call, planning clinics, requesting support, printing forms, setting up tents, bringing coolers to DCLS, etc.). I had never met someone with this kind of work ethic and I hoped she would apply to be our CD Nurse, if the position was posted. She had taken a big pay cut (and lost her benefits) to be a contract temp with us, but she was sold on public health nursing & our mission/values. She applied for the CD Nurse & the interview panel chose her for the role. She became a FTE with our district on April 10, 2021 and she continues to be amazing during the vaccination phase of this campaign to end a pandemic and hug our grandparents. She represents everything good about public health and it's been an honor to work with her.

~Submitted by: Caitlin Hodge, VDH, Chickahominy Health District
Steve Harrison, VDH, Office of Radiological Health

Steve has been involved in many aspects of the COVID 19 response with several hours dedicated to this work each week. Steve also has continued with his leadership as the Director of the Office of Radiological Health by, among other things, always making himself available to all staff for guidance and decision-making. Steve has been the epitome of Public Service! It is an honor to work with him. Lea Perlas, VDH, Office of Radiological Health WWRC Nursing Department- Nurses and DSA’s During the reconstruction of our department, we all have been given added responsibilities. As nurses we are wearing a lot of hats. Clinic nurse, medication nurse, charge nurse. Medical review nurse and admissions nurse. Previously Most of us have only been reassigned to Student Heath when we had call outs. We are now permanently stationed at SH, so there’s a lot to learn. Our DSA have also experienced new responsibilities. They are the facility eyes and ears. Daily they are completing medical screening, admissions, screening and outpatients screening. We are faced daily with potential Covid exposure. So to our nursing department, I just wanted say thank you if I don’t say it enough.

~Submitted by: WWRC Nursing department
VDH, Office of Radiological Health: Lea Perlas (Director), Richard Conway, Francen Cosby, Patsy Hayden, Jessica Kaufmann, Kim Knight, Bob Lawson, Maxine McCarthy, Al Perlas, Cindy Thomas, Bernice Thornton, Julio Torres, Tom Verdicchio,

The Office of Radiological Health's (ORH) X-ray and administrative staff worked tirelessly and as a cohesive unit to continue ORH's mission throughout COVID-19, and in so doing, ensured the availability of properly functioning x-ray and mammography devices for use among providers who serve the public's needs. Staff used the time during the early lockdown period to fulfill continuing education requirements, review regulations, update and implement new online fillable forms, update inspection protocols, and research new methods of radiation safety for emerging modalities. Inspections resumed in May 2020, and the inspection backlog was quickly completed while at the same time scheduling and conducting new requested inspections. In fact, Virginia's program was among the first in the nation to restart x-ray and mammography device inspections. Challenges were met and overcome while maintaining positive attitudes and exhibiting exceptional teamwork!

~Submitted by: Steven Harrison, Virginia Dept. of Health, Office of Radiological Health
Amy Snearer, VDH, Henrico Health Department

Amy is a public health nurse to her core. She has been so dedicated and selfless to the citizens of Richmond and Henrico over this last year. Amy spent a lot of 2020 on the long-term care response team. The work was grueling. Long hours of case investigation, testing and often with no visible good outcomes. For the last five months now, she has spent every day at our large vaccine POD. Training student and contract nurses, ensuring MRC safety, keeping up spirits, arranging therapy dog visits. She has been a gift of a coworker this year and I would love her to receive some well-deserved recognition.

~Submitted by: Joanna Cirillo, VDH, Richmond and Henrico Health Department
James Crumpacker, PE- VDOT Hydraulics

Jay Cumpacker was my hiring manager 4 years ago, May 25. The opportunity he gave me changed my life forever. Not only did he teach me the ways of the trade as a Hydraulic Engineer, but also how co-workers should be a team. Over the years of working with Jay we have become not only co-workers but friends. Jay is an amazing engineer but also an amazing man. If we all carried his values in our day to day business and personal life no mountain would be too tall!! Thanks for all you do Jay.

~Submitted by: Bradley Sampson, VDOT Salem
William McCormick, Massey Cancer Center, IT

During the beginning of the pandemic, Bill was amazingly supportive of all of my needs and patient with me as we struggled through IT issues remotely. He has been a savior!

~Submitted by: Karen Forsythe, Massey Cancer Center, Clinical Trials Office
Christa Simpkins, DCR, Claytor Lake State Park

In the face of unprecedented visitation at the park last week due to Virginia Tech’s Spring Break day. along with Radford University’s graduation happening during the same week, Christa worked tirelessly at the park’s entrance booth amid budget cuts and COVID protocols to assist several hundred people coming into the park on those 2 days. The park has never experienced visitation to that degree on a weekday in April. Christa never complained and assisted everyone coming into the park with a smile! She is a true public servant!

~Submitted by: Kelly Sowder, DCR, Claytor Lake State Park
Britney Epps, DSS, Eastern Virginia District Office

Britney Epps is an excellent co-worker and friend and she has no problem helping anyone in need. When it comes to her time, she shares it unselfishly. She is very knowledgeable in her position and willing to share the wealth. During the uncertainty of the pandemic, from day one, Britney continued to work in the office assisting as needed . Britney demonstrates loyalty, compassion and accessibility with a smile. She is the perfect recipe for a great co-worker.

~Submitted by: Melody Barrett, DSS, Eastern Virginia District Office
Eilene Gibson-DHCD, Human Resources

Eilene is simply the best of the best! She is the "go to" person in our agency when information is needed. She always takes the time to assist, no matter how busy she is. Being as DHCD is at the center of the help for those affected by the housing crisis created by the pandemic, DHCD has had an influx of new employees and Eilene has led the charge of getting "bodies in the door." She does all of this with graciousness and warmth and there is no better person who exemplifies the definition of a great employee and co-worker!

~Submitted by: Crystal N. Bolling, DHCD, Operations
Amy Nearman, Director, Dual Enrollment, Northern Virginia Community College

Ms. Nearman has done so much for our college going above and beyond for enrollment to be so high. We lead the VCCS in Dual Enrollment because of our director's exceptional performance and excellent service!!!

~Submitted by: Catalina Novac, Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Northern Virginia Community College
Anna Tuomisto, Western State Hospital

Through these difficult times, Anna has gone above and beyond in her role as admissions office director and interim social work director. Her dedication, advocacy, and support have been outstanding! Thank you Anna for all you do!"

~Submitted by: WSH Social Worker
Lisa Reynolds, VDOT, Salem District

Lisa has been there for us as we faced multi computer and software challenges to get our employees geared up for teleworking, getting new employees geared up, to keep us connected through the various meeting platforms; and it was not easy for her. Thank you Lisa!

~Submitted by: Brenda Willis, VDOT, Salem District
Office Neptune, DOC, Central Virginia Unit 13

Officer Neptune is a hard working officer since she has started here at Unit 13 and very charismatic.

~Submitted by: Central Virginia Unit 13 Department of Corrections
Officer Bowman, DOC, Central Virginia Unit 13

Officer Bowman has worked hard since she has started here at Unit 13 and she has adapted very well.

~Submitted by: Central Virginia Unit 13 Department of Corrections
Officer Snow, DOC, Central Virginia Unit 13

Officer Snow is a great working officer and shows great potential.

~Submitted by: Central Virginia Unit 13 Department of Corrections
Officer Munnerlyn, DOC, Central Virginia Unit 13

Officer Munnerlyn is a great hard working officer.

~Submitted by: Central Virginia Unit 13 Department of Corrections
VDOT, Chesterfield Residency, led by Rebecca Worley

This Residency never missed a beat despite everything 2020 threw at them. We were able to work together to get major projects done even with the forever-changing COVID restrictions. We became closer as a unit making sure all of our citizens' needs were met. Everyone kept an open mind to new ideas and accepted the challenge of learning new technology. Thank you to the entire Chesterfield residency and every fellow VDOT worker in the state. We Keep Virginia Moving. Jamie Craig, VDOT, Chesterfield Residency, Maintenance Tiffany Jenkins, DARS, Culpeper Tiffany is our manager and through this whole pandemic (and always) she managed our offices to keep us going, serving clients. She managed client crises as well as staff crises. She serves our clients, the community, and her staff. She is awesome!

~Submitted by: Pat Darr, DARS, Culpeper
Lynn Lineberger, DARS, Culpeper

Lynn is an ESSS at our office. She does everything! She manages the clients and her co workers. She keeps the office running smoothly handling everything from budgets, authorizations, to "help, there is rain coming in the back door!" She does all of her job (and part of mine) with a smile. Thank you Lynn!

~Submitted by: Pat Darr, DARS, Culpeper
Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court, Tazewell County

During the Pandemic, we had 2 employees retire at the same time in October 2020, in a court with just 5 employees. Praise God I was hired as Clerk and the other 2 employees were also promoted to new positions. We hired 2 new employees that we have done on the job training, because formal training had been unavailable since the pandemic. Our office learned immediately the flexibility it requires to operate effectively & efficiently. We never closed and made sure that Tazewell County Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court operated daily within the guidelines of the pandemic. Thank you for this opportunity to recognize Tazewell Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court, A JOB WELL DONE! A mission statement was created in 2021 and is posted in our office for all to see, this has given us a daily goal to achieve while dealing with the public. MISSON STATEMENT: Life is difficult at times. We strive to serve our customers, professionally; with kindness, empathy and fairness. This ensures equal access to Justice.

~Submitted by: Brenda McGuire, DBHDS, Catawba Hospital, Administration
Marcella Luna, Department of Health Professions

Marcella is a star; she is diligent and compassionately hard working. Through her own efforts, she inspires me to work harder and continue my education throughout my career with the state of Virginia.

~Submitted by: Madeline Holder, Department of Health Professions
All NVCC Library Staff

Thank you to the steady, thoughtful staff in the NVCC library world. We are a good group; let's keep it!

~Submitted by: Andrea Jensen, NVCC Libraries
All employees, DMV, Suffolk Motor Carrier Service Center (Weigh Station)

We have been operating the Suffolk Weigh Station with two employees on extended medical leave and one vacant position. The remaining employees have consistently stepped up to the plate to keep our operation running smoothly and efficiently, 4 employees doing the work typically handled by 7. I have a great team!

~Submitted by: Greg Brown, DMV, Suffolk Motor Carrier Service Center (Weigh Station)
Winnie Totten & Carol Resavage, Office of the Executive Secretary, Department of Judicial Services

Winnie and Carol provide critical support to courts across the Commonwealth with professionalism. They also share information with our office to help easily direct phone calls and prevent caller fatigue when citizens are looking for resources. Winnie and Carol are always willing to step up and assist with unfailing courtesy. We are so fortunate to have them on our team!

~Submitted by: Michelle Jamison, Supreme Court of VA
Jen Pullen, Department of Historic Resources

Jen Pullen is a wonderful colleague. Her positive outlook is contagious and she somehow always finds creative solutions to unexpected challenges. Her position as executive assistant and Register program coordinator have her involved in agency operations that cross all of DHR's divisions. With her diverse skill set, Jen organizes DHR's quarterly review board meetings at locations across the Commonwealth, helps to manage our records retention protocols, keeps our front desk staffed and ready to welcome visitors, assures that DHR is compliant with the VA FOIA, acts as our Director's chief aide, manages the public notice process for the Register program and other DHR program events, and so much more. She's too modest to agree, but she is irreplaceable!

~Submitted by: Lena McDonald, Department of Historic Resources
Jennifer Saunders, Office of the Executive Secretary, Legislative and Public Relations

Ms. Saunders is extremely knowledgeable in a wide range of topics relative to the courts and the public. She efficiently and professionally fields calls from the public, press, and other government agencies. Ms. Saunders is patient in explaining topics from how court policies affect operations during the COVID Pandemic to record retention and FIOA requests. Ms. Saunders is a cornerstone of support and information for all who have the pleasure to interact with her.

~Submitted by: Michelle Jamison, Supreme Court of VA, Office of the Executive Secretary
Ginger Quinn, VDOT, Salem

Ginger knows her work zones; she is very passionate about her role to keep Virginia safe. She is always willing to help everyone as needed, no matter how busy she is with her own work load! Just wanted to give her a big shout out! Way to go Ginger!

~Submitted by: VDOT, Salem TOC
DMAS, Behavioral Health Division

I would like to express my gratitude for the incredible team members that make up the Behavioral Health Division at the Department of Medical Assistance Services, our Virginia Medicaid Program. Over the last year, this group of professionals has shown incredible commitment to our agency mission and have not missed a beat in assuring access to behavioral health services for our members during the pandemic. They have continuously problem-solved, working patiently and compassionately with stakeholders. They have worked together to begin implementation of our Project BRAVO initiative that is going to improve the services and hopefully lives of countless Virginians by bringing new and enhanced options for evidence-based, trauma-informed and person-centered care.

~Submitted by: Alyssa Ward, DMAS Division of Behavioral Health
Hope White, VDH, Roanoke City Health Department

Hope has been the backbone of carrying the Epidemiology program for the RCAHD for over 10 years. When COVID hit the RCAHD, Hope single handedly built a COVID-19 response team by working tirelessly to hire a Jr. Epi, enlist MRC help, and then ultimately built the COVID-19 epidemiology response team. Today our team totals more than 30 contracted epi-response staff members. Without her expertise, the guidance and response to COVID-19 would not have been possible. Although it has been over a year since COVID-19 reached our health district, Hope has never waivered or stopped pressing on. We are eternally grateful for her leadership, unwavering hard work, and love for what she does.

~Submitted by: Khristina Morgan, VDH, Roanoke City Health Department
Covington Field Office Staff, Covington TWIP Unit, and Lisa Peery

During the last year, the teams pulled together to complete many tasks and duties to assist as many claimants as possible. As a team, we thought through the processes of how to work smarter, not harder. Many of our families were put on the back burner during the months of working the overtime and many of our staff learned new things and assisted in areas new to them. With expertise in different areas and each sharing their knowledge, the staff worked long hours and very hard to get the most done. This is my shout out and a BIG thank you to each individual for the effort put forth each day. Each made a difference!

~Submitted by: Velda T. Craft, Virginia Employment Commission, Covington
Rea Prilliman, VDH, Office of Drinking Water, Danville Field Office

Rea is a great co-worker that is always helpful and very knowledgeable of the Water systems. She is always giving words of encouragement "Good Job" to all employees and has a positive attitude every day. She has been working during the COVID-19 virus almost every day and even opts out of the telework option to be in the office. She is always laughing and smiling and keeps the office in great spirits! The Danville Field Office has an excellent team and she is the "Joy" of our team! We are so glad to have a co-worker like Rea!!

~Submitted by: Jill Scearce, VDH, Office of Drinking Water, Danville Field Office
DMAS Appeals Division

DMAS Appeals Division has been the best place to work in. Starting with the outstanding support and leadership of management that is always encouraging the staff during this tough year. The staff has been wonderful as we have supported one another, checked on one another and stayed in touch to be a cheerleader for one another. Kudos to the Appeals Division!

~Submitted by: Marcella Christian DMAS Appeals, Richmond
Debby Arnold, Department of Environmental Quality TRO

Debby has gone above and beyond to ensure that operations at TRO continue to go smoothly. She has worked with various departments in DEQ to help TRO staff adapt to working remotely and doing so with success. She has faced numerous obstacles and unforeseen challenges during COVID times, but managed to lead her team and staff she supports to the finish line.

~Submitted by: Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), TRO
Renee Tabb, VDH, Richmond

Renee was hired in January 2021 and in her short tenure, she has made a significant impact to our department and the agency as a whole. She has documented processes, helped with the workload, developed meaningful relationships with her direct reports and various program staff members that we provide various services for. She is very personable, solution focused and always willing to help her team...You can't ask for much more in an employee. We are truly grateful to have Renee on our team.

~Submitted by: Arlissa Washington, VDH. Richmond
Joel Reinford, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

We are members of DEQ IT, and are constantly working through numerous technological challenges. I would like to recognize Joel for not only solving the problems presented to him, but for going above and beyond to come up with improvements that make it easier and more efficient for the next person to step in when he's done. His creativity and thirst for innovation combined with his talent for automation results in huge boosts in quality for life for us developers, and saves us time, headache, while inspiring us all at the same time. Thanks Joel!

~Submitted by: Arlissa Washington, Virginia Department of Health, Shared Business Services
Sherry Tostenson – Dept. of Environmental Quality, Central Office

Sherry is such a kind hearted individual. She went well out of her way to make me feel welcomed throughout my first year at DEQ. Sherry was integral in preparing me for my first day and always made herself for any questions or concerns that I had. Sherry not only made me feel welcomed, but she encouraged me and always had supportive advice to give. She is a vital asset to DEQ organization and a wonderful person to know.

~Submitted by: Tiona McKinney, DEQ, Central Office- OSRR
Mary Beth Keesee and Timothy Petrie. Dept. Of Environmental Quality. Blue Ridge Region

Recognition for working as a team, going the extra mile, and making an extra effort to help the regional tank program achieve annual goals, to assist new recruits, and to step-in when staffing shortages occur.

~Submitted by: David Miles, DEQ, Blue Ridge Region, Petroleum Storage Programs
Department of Environmental Quality Training Team: Tammy Cohen, Nick Shrewsberry, Jan Briede, Doug Foran, Melissa MacIntyre, Kim Seckman, Robin Merkle, Lisa Hardy and Marilee Tretina

The DEQ Training Team converted instructor led stormwater and erosion training to virtual delivery and has trained over 3,000 people last year in this new virtual format. Through their monumental efforts DEQ has continued to meet local government and business certification and training needs in this difficult time. Thank you!

~Submitted by: Kevin Vaughan, DEQ, Office of Training Services
Mike Crocker, Department of Environmental Quality, Clean Water Financing and Assistance Program

Mike really stepped up during the COVID pandemic and associated hiring freeze to ensure that DEQ's Clean Water Financing and Assistance Program continued to maintain operations and meet critical deadlines. The program had to alter several key processes due to full time telework and Mike has led that charge. He developed and implemented the electronic disbursement submittal process for the program and has taken on extra duties for staff who cannot come into the office. He works closely with the program manager to ensure all payments are processed and program requirements are evaluated as efficiently as possible. Mike’s willingness to step up in a time of need has been a tremendous help to the program and to the localities that depend on our funding. Thank you Mike!!!

~Submitted by: Karen Doran, Department of Environmental Quality, Clean Water Financing and Assistance Program
Marilee Tretina, Department of Environmental Quality, Office of Training Services

Due to Marilee’s exceptional leadership and logistical ability DEQ is continuing to do business through live online events. Marilee continues to manage on average 19 virtual events per month that includes public hearings, regulator advisory panels, and board meetings. Thank you Marilee.

~Submitted by: Kevin Vaughan, DEQ, Office of Training Services
Keith Showman and Brandon Kiracofe, Department of Environmental Quality, Valley Region

These two have done a great job keeping the Water Division connected both as a group and literally connected at times helping folks with system access issues that have come up with the Pandemic. We appreciate the assistance both of you have provided. Thank you.

~Submitted by: Noel Thomas, VA DEQ Valley Region
Christina Benton, VDH, Office of Family Health Services

Christina serves as the Program Director for VDH's Cancer Programs and the leader of the cancer team. Throughout the pandemic, she has shown confident leadership, compassionate counsel, and extreme flexibility with our team during uncertain times. Her collaborate approach to tackling projects and meeting goals empowers those of us lucky enough to be part of her team to be successful in meeting deliverables. She volunteered to serve VDH as a regional testing liaison for nearly a year, all while maintaining her usual responsibilities and supervising her daughter during virtual school. She is an inspiration and asset to the agency.

~Submitted by: Debbie Bridwell, VDH, Office of Family Health Services
Kathleen Hall, VDH, Lexington-Rockbridge

Kathy has worked tirelessly over the past year to aid pandemic response efforts. She often has to drive hundreds of miles every week to testing and vaccination sites, and serves as clinical lead for many of these events. Additionally, she continues to advocate for the childhood immunization program, and, on top of her COVID-19 work, will be taking on child immunization clinics at both her home office and the Waynesboro office for the duration of the summer. As if that wasn't enough hustle and bustle, Kathy is the sole NHS program nurse for Rockbridge County, Lexington City, and Buena Vista City! I speak for everyone in the Lexington office when I say how proud we are to have Kathy Hall as a coworker; public health would shine a little less brightly without her!

~Submitted by: Brittany Fix, VDH, Lexington-Rockbridge
Charity Hooper, Katie Baird, Sylvia Dyson, and James DeLoatch -Stafford County Procurement Division

The Director & Contract Officers of SCG Procurement went above and beyond during the Covid-19 pandemic. In the midst of a major policy, procedure, and reporting re-haul that affected the entire agency, the team was able to procure equipment and goods for the County's essential workers that helped keep the community safer and stronger together. Charity Hooper, Katie Baird, Sylvia Dyson, and James DeLoatch all deserve recognition for their hard work.

~Submitted by: Brittany M
Gary Flory, Department of Environmental Quality, Agricultural Program, Harrisonburg/Valley Office

Gary has stayed connected, provided guidance and the tools needed to do our jobs despite not being in the office together. Gary is always an email, text or phone call away if help or just a chat is needed. Great leadership is getting into the trenches with your employees and setting the example for all to follow. Gary does all that and more. I definitely appreciate not only his leadership skills, but also his ability to communicate effectively and decisively. Managers like Gary make working at DEQ great and enjoyable.

~Submitted by: Douglas Hughes, DEQ Harrisonburg Agricultural Program
Amy Owens, Department of Environmental Quality, Harrisonburg/Valley Regional Office

Amy is a great leader that cares so much for her staff! She made sure all of her regional staff stayed as safe as possible and provided the necessary tools for all to get their respective jobs done. Amy is always willing to help wherever she is needed and that even includes watering all the plants in the office for those that cannot come in to do so. Amy is always willing to help mentor old and new employees by taking time to be on virtual calls/meetings or sending encouraging emails. Amy is a great example of what leadership should look like in many ways during a crisis/pandemic like we have experienced. She put her employees first and then made sure the work could be done as best as possible.

~Submitted by: Douglas Hughes, DEQ, Harrisonburg/Valley Regional Office, Agricultural Dept.
Charlene Rollins, Compensation Board

Charlene Rollins defines customer service. Charlene was set to retire in 2020, but she placed her retirement on hold to assist the agency through the challenges of COVID19 and training two new employees to support Virginia's Constitutional Officers. I don't know when she will finally retire, but our agency will miss her terribly.

~Submitted by: Kim Jezek, Compensation Board
Dasmine Myles, Virginia Department of Corrections, State Farm Correction Center

Dasmine is very caring to both the inmates and staff. In addition, she always has a smile on her face. She never gets angry and has a heart of a servant.

~Submitted by: Frank Carrillo, Virginia Department of Corrections, State Farm Correction Center
DARS Northern District Managers and Unit Supervisors: Karen Brown, Kay Manipole, Keisha Malloy, Leanne Rerko, Leslie Diaz-Ortiz, Natsha Fry, Tiffany Jenkins, and Tyler Schreffler

The DARS Northern District Managers and Unit Supervisors have been shining examples of commitment and creativity when shifting from in-person services to a virtual milieu. They worked tirelessly to make sure that DARS staff had technology and resources to continue services to our clients. They maintained consistency as best as possible, even when things were changing on a daily basis. Each Manager and Unit Supervisor offered creative ways for staff to stay connected with each other and up to date with agency information. Also worth noting is how these Managers and Unit Supervisors were dialed into the personal and family needs of their employees from the beginning of the pandemic until now, and how their flexibility allowed our employees to strike an much needed balance between work and home responsibilities. As we transition to a more normal approach to operations, I'd like to publically thank them for their dedication, humility, transparency, collaboration, and proactive leadership throughout this past year. I consider myself lucky to work with Karen Brown, Kay Manipole, Keisha Malloy, Leanne Rerko, Leslie Diaz-Ortiz, Natsha Fry, Tiffany Jenkins, and Tyler Schreffler!

~Submitted by: Tracy Harrington, Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services
Polly Jones, VDH, Crater Health District

Polly is the Program Coordinator for the Crater Healthy Start Loving Steps Home Visiting Program. She is dedicated to the work; she is passionate and tireless.

~Submitted by: Jennifer Murphy-James, VDH, Crater Health District
Wanda Bradley, VDH, Health District

This acknowledgement is for the Human Resources Analyst at the Petersburg Health Department. Mrs. Wanda Bradley is diligent, kind and helpful. She always has a smile, a kind word and is never bothered by questions, or requests to troubleshoot a problem.

~Submitted by: Jennifer Murphy-James, VDH, Crater Health District
Sandi Brothers, VDH, Franklin

Sandi has been the Office Service Specialist assigned to help both the Diabetes Grant Program and also the Medication Assistance Grant Program (MAP) in Franklin and Southampton County for the past couple of years. She is always friendly, happy, positive, and professional and is a continuous pleasure to work with. She has taken on at least twice the workload she was asked to do because of reorganization of staff and the MAP program nurse being absent multiple instances, for months at a time. She jumps right in, runs the MAP program from start to finish whenever necessary, and works tirelessly with patients and pharmaceutical companies to make sure she tries every angle to get our patients a discounted medication rate when possible. She goes above and beyond by contacting Senior Services, Meals on Wheels, social services, food banks and more, just to ensure our lower income patients get the most benefits possible. She not only manages the grant process for both programs, but she also keeps all of the daily, weekly, and monthly records and reports up to date for both programs and is the person who enables us to keep these 2 exceptionally valuable programs running for the benefit of our community and patients. The Diabetes program has grown over 200% in size over the past 2 years, and Sandi continuously comes in early and stays late to ensure all of the growth and work for the program is completed in a timely manner. She also has volunteered multiple times during the COVID pandemic to cover other positions in the Health Department, while staff went to work at off-site events. She regularly brings in treats for the office staff, co-workers and nurses, just to remind them she appreciates their efforts, and her kindness at remembering special events in co-worker's lives is unmatched. I have never heard her say 'no' to anyone, nor does she ever complain about anything. She is a bright spot in our day, every day, and I really think this kind of exemplary attitude and work ethic should be recognized. Thank you Sandi for all that you do!

~Submitted by: Jenny Simonsen, RN, VDH, Franklin
Caroline Campbell, VDH, DDP

Working with Caroline makes the job feel less like a job. I admire her dedication to not only me but also the entire team. Thank you for being an awesome, fair, and motivating boss and Colleague!

~Submitted by: Chaitali Roy, VDH, Central office
Nancy Elfino, DHRM, Office of Workforce Engagement

Nancy served as co-lead for the 2021 Virginia Public Service Week statewide & agency activities planning. Nancy was instrumental in the planning and execution of Virginia Public Service Week activities and communications, which has already made a tremendous impact on the morale of the workforce. It only goes to show how dedicated you are in wanting to achieve the best for our fellow state employees. I could not have done this project without your help and you are truly appreciated! Thank you for being my crafty and clever co-worker, but most of all, Thank You For Your Service!

~Submitted by: Jonathan Singleton, DHRM, Office of Workforce Engagement
Program Audit Team (a.k.a the A-Team), Office of Children’s Services

This AMAZING team of AWESOME AUDITORS is unmatched in their commitment, dedication, and focus to helping the Office of Children's Services and over 100 local Children's Services Act programs improve their operations and ACHIEVE their goals. The A-Team routinely goes above and beyond the expectations of the typical auditor. Whether it's one-on-one or large group training uniquely designed for a specific stakeholder group or ASSISTING stakeholders with navigating complex and difficult scenarios for the purpose of ensuring compliance, integrity, and ACCOUNTABILITY, The A-Team consistently receives high marks for professionalism, sound judgement, and a positive attitude. This team of ACTION-ORIENTED individuals put the ""A"" in ADAPTABILITY in ASSURANCE. Many thanks and APPRECIATION to the A-Team for all that you do.

~Submitted by: Stephanie Bacote, Office of Children's Services
Casey Perry, VSU

Mr. Perry throughout this entire pandemic has fought hard and diligently for our student body. His goal is always to provide positive engagement experiences for our students. He has succeeded in this through virtual programming and through socially distanced live events. Our students do not see how hard he fights for them and all the hours he puts in for them. I want to say "Thank You" and I see all your hard work.

~Submitted by: Julia A. Griffin, Virginia State University
Tiffany Severs, Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Enforcement

Tiffany Severs accepted a promotion to be the new Director of DEQ's Division of Enforcement right before the COVID-19 pandemic started. She joined our team and led us through these uncertain times with focus, empathy, and vision. Once she was able to get us all working remotely, she has kept us informed and the team engaged just as well as if we had been in the office. She has also taken on some major projects this first year such has major guidance revisions, coordinated federal audits, conducted all staff training/conferences, as well as helping the Division exceeded past years performance numbers. It has been amazing to watch her work and accomplish so much during these times. I look forward to seeing what DEQ can accomplish in the future under her leadership.

~Submitted by: Lee Crowell, DEQ, Division of Enforcement
VDH Division of Disease Prevention: Staff and Statewide Disease Intervention Specialists

The entire Division of Disease Prevention and our statewide Disease Intervention Specialists have really shone during this pandemic. Their tireless efforts to prevent the spread of infection day in and day out, working nights and weekends, doing whatever it takes, is greatly appreciated!

~Submitted by: Diana L. Prat, VDH Central Office, Division of Disease Prevention
Dr. Latoya Griffin-Thomas, DCLS

Dr. Latoya Griffin-Thomas wore many hats as it was before COVID hit but her load became even more heavier with having to navigate COVID tasks for our lab, as well as keep track of CDC updates and coming up with ways in which to keep the COVID staff informed of changes that were taking place concerning COVID. There were many times that she had to take her work home and work on tasks while waiting in her car during her daughters cheerleading practices. I feel that Dr. Latoya Griffin-Thomas is the epitome of a truly dedicated Public Health Official.

~Submitted by: Kelly Parker-Harris, DCLS
DOC, Harrisonburg CCAP

I would like to recognize Harrisonburg CCAP staff for their dedication and service during turbulent times. The Staff had to change programming and direction due to COVID and not once did I hear a complaint . We all worked together as a team and family. I saw staff working outside their comfort zone to get the job done. Not one time did we loose site of our mission and purpose and conducted a Healing Environment. Hats off to what you contribute to Public Safety and the Department.

~Submitted by: Jennie Amison, Harrisonburg CCAP, Virginia Department of Corrections
Tabatha Mamorno, Department of Corrections, ERO

Tabatha Mamorno has worked tirelessly throughout the COVID pandemic assisting the Regional Office Management Team, Probation & Parole staff and the Regional Office staff. She has interpreted policies, walked staff through the COVID process during positive cases, quarantining and safety precaution measures. She has maintained such a positive attitude, to include her friendly smile, in spite of the increased work load gained throughout the past year. I would like Tabatha to know that we see the hours she puts in daily (often 10+) and we recognize her positive interactions with all staff. Thank you Tabatha for modeling the way during challenging times. We Appreciate You!!! And all You do for the Eastern Region!

~Submitted by: Sharon S. Burgess, Regional Operations Officer, ERO, DOC
Sarah G. Gibbs, Department of Corrections, ERO

Sarah Gibbs is the glue to the Eastern Regional Office. She does an excellent job with staff schedules and managing the office in the absence of the Management Team. She performs her duties efficiently and effectively. Sarah is a true professional. She is a great team player. She handles the Regional Office decor and appropriately decorates the office in accordance to the season. Sarah is present and accountable ALWAYS. I want Sarah to know that we appreciate her and we see the good works that she does in our office.

~Submitted by: Sharon S. Burgess, Regional Operations Officer, ERO, Department of Corrections
Mary Ann Bowersock, VEC JVSG, Fredericksburg

During this pandemic, I had the pleasure to work with Mary Ann on our JVSG program and collaborate with her assisting clients in dire need of UI assistance. Her patience, knowledge and compassion for ALL clientele is exemplary and one of our "Best Practices" advocates we have in the agency. She never complains and always provides some type of positive reinforcement to why we do what we do here on a daily basis. There are more "Rock Stars" that I can write about but this one is at the very front of the line!

~Submitted by: Jacqueline Washington, VEC JVSG, Charlottesville, VA
Brenda Parrish, Virginia Center for Behavioral Rehabilitation, Burkeville

Ms. Brenda Parrish is a wonderful person! She has a "can do it" attitude and is willing to help anyone out. She goes over and beyond to support the department in many different aspects. Ms. Parrish is always joyful, comes to work with a positive attitude, and is always helping her coworkers out to ensure they have a good day, just like her! One of the many things she does to support her coworkers is she utilizes her own money to supply items to decorate a staff bulletin board each month. She does this willingly, and hopes that it helps increase employee morale within the facility. She also had the idea to keep a "community" candy dish in a centralized location and continuously stocks it with candy. She does not ask for help with this, she just simply finds joy in doing it. These two things are just a couple of examples of what makes Ms. Parrish an awesome person, a great employee and an asset to VCBR.

~Submitted by: Steven Puryear, Virginia Center for Behavioral Rehabilitation, Burkeville
Nancy Tobin, DHRM

Nancy goes out of her way to be helpful and in a very quick manner. Nancy provides extraordinary customer service. I had to reach out to her several times recently to ask PMIS questions while looking up records, asking for term codes for the Higher Education Turnover report, and to ask her to disable my PMIS account. Every time she responded quickly, and was available for a phone call while I know she was slammed. I have to give kudos to her collaboration and customer service. She is AMAZING and a wealth of knowledge.

~Submitted by Sumi Lanneau, DHRM
Pat Waller and Terri Hughes, DHRM

I recognize Pat and Terri for the effort and work that they have contributed to supporting the hiring process for the next cohort of VMF Fellows. This most recent job posting received the most applications in the history of the program. Terri and Pat stepped right up to support the screening of over 160 applicants and supported and delivered multiple targeted communications with applicant groups via the RMS. We have had aggressive timelines to complete the hiring process for the next cohort of Fellows and Terri and Pat have provided excellent customer service and support to the program. Thank you to them on behalf of the VMF Program and on behalf of the next cohort of VMF Fellows!

~Submitted by: Deanna Goldstein, DHRM
Taris Harmon, DHRM

I would like to recognize Taris for his work and role as the HR Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the Cardinal HCM Project. Taris is instrumental in ensuring the systems data is maintained and accurate. He ensures his five assigned client agencies are in compliance with project requirements and on track for successful implementation. His client agencies have remained in the “Green” status, which is the assessment used to evaluate the agencies’ overall readiness for implementation based on their combined status of progress on tasks and attendance and participation in required trainings and meetings.

~Submitted by: Pat Waller, DHRM
Marjorie McGregor, DHRM

I would like to recognize Marjorie McGregor for her work and role as the HR Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the Cardinal HCM Project. Marjorie is instrumental in ensuring the systems data is maintained and accurate. She ensures her four assigned client agencies are in compliance with project requirements and on track for successful implementation. Her client agencies have remained in the “Green” status, which is the assessment used to evaluate the agencies’ overall readiness for implementation based on their combined status of progress on tasks and attendance and participation in required trainings and meetings.

~Submitted by: Pat Waller, DHRM
Derek Mountford, DHRM

Derek Mountford is recognized for his work and role as the HR and TA (Time and Attendance) Subject Matter Expert (SME) and as a member of the DHRM Change Network Team for the Cardinal HCM Project. Derek is instrumental in ensuring the systems data is maintained and accurate. He ensures his four assigned client agencies are in compliance with project requirements and on track for successful implementation. As the DHRM HR SME, he completed every single assigned task for the agency on time. All of his client agencies have remained in the “Green” status, which is the assessment used to evaluate the agencies’ overall readiness for implementation based on their combined status of progress on tasks and attendance and participation in required trainings and meetings.

~Submitted by: Pat Waller, DHRM
Debbie Wyatt-Smith, DHRM

I am recognizing Debbie Wyatt-Smith for her work and role as the HR Subject Matter Expert (SME) and as a member of one of her client agency’s (Gunston Hall) Change Network Team on the Cardinal HCM Project. Debbie is instrumental in ensuring the systems data is maintained and accurate. She ensures her four assigned client agencies are in compliance with project requirements and on track for successful implementation. All of her client agencies have remained in the “Green” status, which is the assessment used to evaluate the agencies’ overall readiness for implementation based on their combined status of progress on tasks and attendance and participation in required trainings and meetings. Most notable is in March of 2020, Debbie joined one of her client agency’s (Gunston Hall), Change Network Team because the agency was in the “Green” Status, but they were identified as having potential risk because the person assigned as Primary Contact retired. The position has been vacant for over a year. Until the vacancy is filled, Debbie will continue to serve in the Primary Contact and HR SME roles for the agency.

~Submitted by: Pat Waller, DHRM
Mike Barry, DHRM

Mike is often called upon (including this quarter) to unexpectedly and quickly produce customized analytical Time and Attendance Reports that are needed to provide insight that is critical in the policy decision-making process at DHRM and for the Administration. He is always eager to help, to understand the intent of the report, and meticulous in his design so that internal and external customers receive the anticipated product.

~Submitted by: Rue White, Deputy Director, DHRM
Nancy Tobin, DHRM

During this past quarter Nancy Tobin actively participated on multiple Business Process Straw Model Cardinal Workgroups. She provided critical process flow information and insight, brought forth potential functionality or service gaps, and demonstrated an acute focus on how these decisions will impact DHRM customers.

~Submitted by: Rue White, Deputy Director, DHRM
VADOC, District 31

I would like to recognize the staff at District 31 Probation & Parole for their outstanding efforts during the pandemic!

~Submitted by: Shannon Spofford, DCPO, District 31 Probation & Parole
Nichele Carver, DHCD, Richmond

Nichele Carver has worked with DMAS and myself staff to ensure we understand how DHCD's investment in homeless and special needs housing can support the needs of Medicaid members to ensure the best health outcomes for Virginia's most vulnerable populations. Ms. Carver engages DHCD' partners as well as DMAS' partners to identify opportunities for both to enhance coordination through stronger partnerships. Ms. Carver is a national leader working to end homelessness in Virginia and her leadership is critical to advancing racial equity in state programs and partnerships. While the pandemic makes it challenging to keep our programs going, Ms. Carver has made herself available to assist DMAS' and our partners navigate the homeless system and understand the state's response to COVID to ensure Medicaid members know to access critical housing resources.

~Submitted by: Elizabeth Seward, DMAS
William Robinson, State Mail Services

Mr. Robinson is a hard worker and dedicated to the Department of State Mail Service. He is very confident in meeting and exceeding the organization goal and trains other employees according to State Mail policies and procedures. This employee deserves to be recognized.

~Submitted by: Anonymous
Building and Grounds Dwpartment, Southside Virginia Community College

When Southside Virginia Community College committed in the summer of 2020 to offering seated, socially distanced classes starting in the fall semester, a team from across the college went to work to make it happen. The hands-on efforts to bring it to reality fell heavily to the Buildings and Grounds teams who transformed classroom and public spaces to meet social distancing requirements, put out signage and barriers to direct everyone to single entry points, and identified/sourced/ordered the necessary cleaning and disinfecting materials. Once the campus safely reopened for students and employees, the B&G team provided the cleaning and disinfecting necessary to keep classrooms and other spaces safe, and they committed to deep cleaning faculty offices and other areas each Friday. Led by Eddie Bennett (Daniel Campus, Keysville) and Roger Wray (Christanna Campus, Alberta), the B&G teams' efforts are largely responsible for SVCC being able to remain open for seated classes and in-person student services throughout the fall semester and beyond, helping to meet the needs of students who wanted and needed in-person availability.

~Submitted by: Dixie Watts Dalton, Southside Virginia Community College
Western State Hospital, Nursing

This entire department has gone above and beyond the call of duty throughout the pandemic. Unlike many state agencies, they have no telework options - they have had to be physically present for the Virginians they serve throughout the pandemic, 24/7, with little recognition by the public for their excellent service. I am proud to serve alongside this terrific group of people!

~Submitted by: Jason Stout, Psychology, Western State Hospital
Mary Clare Smith, M.D., Western State Hospital

As our Facility Director, Dr. Smith has lead our hospital through the pandemic, focused on keeping both our staff and patients healthy and safe. She never wavered from her commitment to Western State and our patients and staff. Because of her leadership, we have had a minimal number of cases of COVID, everybody who wished to be vaccinated has received it, and we are holding monthly clinics to vaccinate new employees and those who change their minds and want to be vaccinated. The staff of Western State thank you, Dr. Smith.

~Submitted by: Kim Burns, Western State Hospital
Debi-Jill Keller, Western State Hospital

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, Debi-Jill has hand made and donated over 1500 facemasks for Western State Staff and the communities we serve. Debi-Jill also used her COVID relief fund check to purchase fabric and materials so that she can make quilts, gowns, and pj bottoms for residents for a living facility that we have discharged some of our clients to after learning of some of their needs. Debi-Jill consistently uses her personal time and finances to touch the lives of others and she does it all with a great deal of love. Debi-Jill is a shining example of the spirit of service, and one that makes this world a better place.

~Submitted by: Suzanne Drake, Western State Hospital
Office of Institutional Advancement, Virginia State University

The Virginia State University Office of Institutional Advancement persevered during a challenging time as the university adjusted to remote learning and work. The office maintained their standard of excellence and business continuity of fundraising for the many deserving students at VSU. In addition to this shift and unprecedented time, the team was entering the pandemic with the departure of the Vice President and no major gift fundraisers to secure major gifts, solicit major donors or write proposals. The team, knowing how important fundraising is to the institution and to the students who benefit, took great initiative in going above and beyond to fill the void. These efforts brought an increase in dollars raised during the annual Giving Tuesday campaign over the previous year, as well as an increase in overall donors for FY20. Keeping the “why” at the center of all that the team does, the Advancement Office entered FY21 in July 2020 eager to start the fiscal year successful. The team secured three major gifts in the first two months and because of their work and persistence, are looking to end the year in June higher than FY20 and FY19 both in dollars raised and donors. The team’s resilience in navigating COVID with limited staff while maintaining a standard of excellence in fundraising should be commended.

~Submitted by: Charmica Epps, VS
Deerfield Men’s Work Center: Outside farm crew officers

There are five of them and they are great. They are always there to help you and they work together so well. If you see them, let them know they are doing a great job!

~Submitted by: Deerfield Men’s Work Center Farm workers
Debby Arnold, Department of Environmental Quality, Tidewater

Debby has done an exemplary job as office manager during the pandemic and quarantine, maintaining normal processes under highly abnormal circumstances and keeping the office running smoothly with minimal help. She has dealt with many very stressful situations with coolness and aplomb.

~Submitted by: Tony Silvia, VADEQ Tidewater
Susan Throckmorton, Longwood University Institute for Teaching through Technology & Innovative Practices

This has been an unbelievable year of changes for our office. The pandemic had us working from home, then our offices closed due to budget issues and so we had to move on to campus. Through all this, Susan has been a huge support system for our staff. She continues to be a bright spot never letting the constant changes dampen her spirit. She is always the go to person for anything needed. She helped us all make it through the rough spots. She makes Longwood ITTIP and the State of Virginia shine!

~Submitted by: Barbara Scott, Longwood University Institute for Teaching through Technology & Innovative Practices
Zach Sneed, VCU Rehabilitation Research and Training Center

Zach is a hardworking individual who is always willing to help his coworkers, clients, and the community he serves!

~Submitted by: Andrew Russo, VCU Rehabilitation Research and Training Center
Communications Team at Northern Virginia Community College

The Comm in the Calm! The Communications Team at Northern Virginia Community College did an astounding job creating processes to keep the entire college aware of the happenings occurring at the college. They worked with everyone from the president, vice presidents and student service team members to provosts and of course, our students. In such a mind-boggling year, to know the college received updates via social media, daily internal newsletter and more has received so much positive feedback. Hats off to Kathy, Hoang, Alisa and Sam.

~Submitted by: Ramunda, NOVA Community College
Jenifer Nalli, Department of Social Services, Fairfax

Jenifer Nalli has been my supervisor for over three years. She has demonstrated exceptional leadership and mentoring abilities. Jenifer has shown extraordinary support, patience and understanding as a supervisor. She is never too busy to answer questions or offer guidance. She is quick to respond to my questions- and I have many questions! Jenifer is a gift to this agency. I know I can speak for my peers that she is the BEST BOSS EVER!

~Submitted by: Mahrukh Aziz, Dept. of Social Services, Fairfax
DARS and WWRC IT Services

During the past year, the IT Departments for the DSA have been challenged with making sure our employees have equipment, accounts, access to video conferencing and VPN. With the professionalism, kindness and knowledge our IT departments have, they have made this happen for our clients, fellow employees and customers so they have had what they need as soon as possible. I appreciate each and every member of the IT staff and the job they do every day.

~Submitted by: Donna Bridgham DARS IT
Jen Pullen, DHR, Richmond Office

Throughout the pandemic, Jen Pullen has worked to keep the work of this agency moving forward. Her presence every day in the office means that teleworking employees can receive critical documents in a timely manner, that our constituents can be served efficiently and effectively, and that everything can run as smoothly as possible in these challenging times. She keeps everything going and does it with a fantastic attitude that brightens the day of everyone she interacts with. She solves problems, both small and large, ensuring that staff needs are met so they can do their jobs effectively. I don't know how we would have kept going as well as we did without Jen.

~Submitted by: Elizabeth Moore, DHR
Margaret Allworth, Dept. of Social Services, Fairfax

I have known Margaret as my own inspector and now as a co-worker. I do not have enough words to thank her for her diligence, perseverance and dedication to helping others and being a great team player. Margaret has been an exceptional mentor for me through the years, especially in this position. She has always made time to coach and support me in my work with her wealth of knowledge. I am very grateful to be working alongside Margaret!

~Submitted by: Mahrukh Aziz, Dept. of Social Services
Claire Harding, VCU University Relations

Claire has been quietly battling something simply unthinkable for quite a while now. Somehow (and I have no idea how), she maintains her constantly cheerful personality and top-notch design work for VCU. She really is the toughest and strongest person I've ever met. I wish I could be more like Claire. In fact, I wish we could ALL be more like Claire...

~Submitted by: Bob Saydlowski, VCU University Relations
Barbara Stigall, Hiram W. Davis Medical Center

What can I say about Barb, she is so sweet and always ready to give a helping hand to the staff at the Hiram, she does 3 positions with a smile and still has the time to bake sweet treats for her office coworkers.

~Submitted by: Angela J. Hill Hiram W. Davis Medical Center
Emily Severson, Virginia Indigent Defense Commission

Emily shows compassion every day in her job. She truly cares about the clients and always gives the highest level of effort. She treats: everyone with respect and our office is truly blessed to have her.

~Submitted by: Michelle Dittmer, Virginia Indigent Defense Commission
Peter Jones, WTJU 91.1FM, Charlottesville

With a small team of 6 full and part-time staff trying to coordinate over 200 volunteers at a community radio station, Peter Jones has spent untold hours during late nights and weekends to help our volunteers continue to provide music, commentary, and community to central Virginia. From virtual training and coaching to troubleshooting to simply ensuring that there was always sufficient hand sanitizer and isopropyl alcohol in our studio, Peter has been a true lynchpin. He's been critical in ensuring that the station can continue to fulfill its mission of community service while keeping everyone safe.

~Submitted by: Lewis Reining, WTJU 91.1FM, Charlottesville
DOC- Lunenburg Correctional Center: A-break day and night supervisors

The supervisors on A-break day and night shift go way above and beyond every single day to ensure the facility operations run smoothly. From the Sergeants all the way to the Captain, we do more every day than most would normally do, including each one conducting the daily tasks of 2 to 3 people without so much as a request to be recognized. We just know the job has to be done and we do it. We are picking up the slack being caused by the lack of staffing. I just think it's time someone say thank you for what we endure to promote Public Safety.

~Submitted by: Lt. Stephen Layne, DOC - Lunenburg Correctional Center
Lisa Hudson, Sarah Marbert and Ann Dramstad, Dept of Social Services, Fairfax

A big shout out to Lisa Hudson, Sarah Marbert and Ann Dramstad for being extremely supportive and patient coworkers. Since the beginning of my journey as a licensing inspector, these three women have been a huge part of my learning experience. They have trained, mentored and helped in every way possible. If they do not have an answer to my questions (which is very rare), they direct me in the right direction. Their vast knowledge has been a great resource for me to learn from. I thank them whole-heartedly for their dedication and hard work! Thank you!!!

~Submitted by: Mahrukh Aziz, Dept. of Social Services, Fairfax
DARS: All Employees in the Division of Rehabilitative Services

The employees of the Division of Rehabilitative Services continue to be servant leaders and workers assisting the disabled population in the Commonwealth with career awareness, career development, employment opportunities, counseling, guidance, support. Approximately 17,500 customers, individuals with disabilities, receive services from the public service workers in DRS. The employees have not stopped working and helping our customers during these challenging times with COVID-19. Their dedicated work is more critical now with this population. Thanks for your dedicated services making a difference in people lives. I appreciate you!

~Submitted by: Dale S. Batten, Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services
The School of Integrated Science – James Madison University

The Faculty and Staff of the School of Integrated Sciences is a close-knit group of professionals that weathered the pandemic together. We have helped each other through losing love ones to the COVID-19 and never lost sight of our mission: to serve our students. I feel honored to work with such professionals and believe that we will be a stronger unit after this is all over.

~Submitted by: Linda M. Thomas, James Madison University
Delores Paulding, RN, BSN, MS. Department of Health

From media inquiries to coordinating vaccination events, Mrs. Paulding has been the force keeping Norfolk Department of Public Health together during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her experience as a public health nurse is invaluable. In addition, she continues to take care of her staff's well-being.

~Submitted by: Health Promotions - VDH, Norfolk
Virginia Victims Fund’s In-Office Team

This team has tirelessly responded to the headquarters building for VVF to assist in the continuity of operations, while adhering to all COVID-19 pre-cautions. They have helped to ensure that the processes continue to smoothly by processing incoming and outgoing mail as well as processing incoming checks for deposit. Many from different departments within the VVF have pitched in and volunteered to be part of this team. I would like to recognize this team for their selflessness and hard work!

~Submitted by: Jessica Buchanan, Virginia Victims Fund
Cynthia Roberts, Dept. for the Blind and Vision Impaired

Cindy Roberts, Director of Business and Corporate Initiatives for the Dept. for the Blind and Vision Impaired, has gone above and beyond over the past year during the Covid-19 pandemic by developing several new programs to help DBVI consumers stay engaged and reach their vocational goals. Cindy developed a monthly virtual program called, "Career Connections" as well as an intense weekly virtual program called "Steer Your Career". Her creativity and willingness to think outside the box has yielded outstanding programs that have been very successful and will continue beyond the pandemic. By creating these virtual programs, consumers from across the state can engage with other individuals with different abilities, discuss relevant topics and connect with businesses and experts to help them succeed and reach their vocational goals.

~Submitted by: Karen Kahn, Dept. for the Blind and Vision Impaired
Buddy Quimpo, DPOR

I am recognizing Buddy because during my time working with and for him, he always went above and beyond not only for the employees that reported to him, but for the entire agency. Buddy's door was always open to talk not only about work-related issues, but he also showed care and concern for the individual and his/her family. Buddy's composure and attitude was always refreshing and positive. On a regular basis, Buddy and his family serves the homeless community by providing hot meals. Whereas others may have seen this as a chore or bother, Buddy would actually be enthusiastic talking about the people that he met while serving and about the food that he was going to prepare. Buddy is hands down one of the very best supervisor's that I have ever had.

~Submitted by: Pamela Logan, DBHDS

This group of individuals has gone above and beyond to maintain continuity of business throughout the pandemic, with smiles on their faces. They have been unable to work from home and have continued to work tirelessly to come in and complete testing needs for clients. In many cases, workloads have increased and employees have left, leaving staff having to do more testing with fewer hands. They have still gone above and beyond to do the very best for client service.

~Submitted by: Dr. Jessica Walters, HRAHL, VDACS OLS
Vi Liu, DMV, Fair Oaks Mall

Vi is one of the most recognized senior employee at our CSC office. I commend his "Excellence as a Co-worker and the Best Senior Generalist."

~Submitted by: Judith DMV, Fair Oaks Mall
James Jones, DWR HQ-IT, Henrico

Many thanks to James Jones for diligently helping me wade through the vccc process over many, many days when my computer hard drive crashed recently. James followed up with vccc till I received my new computer, he talked me through and kept me working from my home computer for days, and he stuck with the aggravating process of having the appropriate software re installed. James’ experience, calm and friendly demeanor is so appreciated especially when everything seems to be going wrong. Thank you James for your help in bringing “my computer problem” to a successful end. You are a gem!

~Submitted by: Angele Goff, DWR, Executive Office
Hatchery System – DWR, Statewide

Because of the Hatchery System's hard work and dedication, more than one million trout and more than four million warm water fish have been stocked throughout Virginia during the pandemic. They've done this in spite of the challenges imposed by COVID, which have affected the way that they operate and distribute fish. This work maintains quality fishing opportunities, providing ample reason for Virginians to get outside and connect with the natural world. Keep it up guys!

~Submitted by: Mike Bednarski, DWR Henrico
Alex McCrickard, DWR Outreach

I truly appreciate Alex's enthusiasm and his efforts to include boating safety messages in the freshwater fishing video reports. He is a great ambassador for boating safety and his efforts show what collaboration is all about!

~Submitted by: Stacey Brown
Dr. Stacy Wilson, April Johnson-Talley, and Wanda Edwards, SEVTC

I'd like to publicly thank you for the extra efforts you all have put forth throughout the various transitions we have undertaken during the pandemic. Dr. Wilson and April I appreciate the accommodations you've made to your personal lives and schedules to continue providing support to the individuals and the psychology department with the vacancies and transitioning staff. Wanda I especially appreciate your responsiveness to our needs so we can complete our tasks, pulling reports and fielding questions, you're a true extension of our team and we couldn't do our jobs without you. From your outpouring of compassion for our individuals and co-workers to your tireless work ethic, you all are the definition of essential and thank you just doesn't seem enough!

~Submitted by: Dr. Kimberly Gamble, SEVTC Psychology Department
Dr. Anita Schlank, DBHDS, VCBR

During the Covid pandemic, we have had to make several adjustments to the way we provide treatment to our residents to ensure they have consistent and effective treatment to address their ongoing needs. Dr. Schlank has worked overtime - early days, long nights and weekends, and has spent several hours finding ways to adjust and rotate resident schedules to make sure they are receiving treatment and that staff coverage is provided as we deal with Covid related absences. Dr. Schlank has also worked hard to keep staff informed about Covid testing and any updates/changes related to operations during this time.

~Submitted by: Deidre Bryant, DBHDS, VCBR
Livia Jansen, Behavioral Services Unit with Department of Juvenile Justice

Words cannot even begin to express Livia's dedication to her colleagues and the residents of DJJ. She is always going beyond to make sure that everything runs smoothly. She is easy to talk to and incredibly empathetic. During this stressful time, Livia has made sure that all of her colleagues feel safe and comfortable. In addition, Livia will come into work on the weekend to make sure the tasks are completed in a timely manner. She is truly an amazing supervisor. DJJ is SO lucky to have her.

~Submitted by: Maria Giovenco Brown
Justin Ferrell, VDH Loudoun

Justin Ferrell has worked tirelessly during this pandemic as Emergency Planner for the Loudoun Health District. The job has demanded commitment of time well above his normal work schedule consistently since last February. He has placed our district in position to meet the challenges of COVID, through his leadership. This included, but is not limited to: procurement of PPE for the community, working with LTCF to establish respiratory plans, working with the county and community partners, helping lead the establishment of the vaccination PODs, and so much more. His dedication to the community and VDH is admirable. He should be recognized for his contributions. Thank you.

~Submitted by: Allison Hubbard, VDH Loudoun
Virginia Victims Fund’s In-Office Team

This team has tirelessly responded to the headquarters building for VVF to assist in the continuity of operations, while adhering to all COVID-19 pre-cautions. They have helped to ensure that the processes continue to smoothly by processing incoming and outgoing mail as well as processing incoming checks for deposit. Many from different departments within the VVF have pitched in and volunteered to be part of this team. I would like to recognize this team for their selflessness and hard work!

~Submitted by Jessica Buchanan - Virginia Victims Fund
Cynthia Roberts -Dept. for the Blind and Vision Impaired

Cindy Roberts, Director of Business and Corporate Initiatives for the Dept. for the Blind and Vision Impaired, has gone above and beyond over the past year during the Covid-19 pandemic by developing several new programs to help DBVI consumers stay engaged and reach their vocational goals. Cindy developed a monthly virtual program called, "Career Connections" as well as an intense weekly virtual program called "Steer Your Career". Her creativity and willingness to think outside the box has yielded outstanding programs that have been very successful and will continue beyond the pandemic. By creating these virtual programs, consumers from across the state can engage with other individuals with different abilities, discuss relevant topics and connect with businesses and experts to help them succeed and reach their vocational goals.

~Submitted by Karen Kahn - Dept. for the Blind and Vision Impaired
Buddy Quimpo - DPOR

I am recognizing Buddy because during my time working with and for him, he always went above and beyond not only for the employees that reported to him, but for the entire agency. Buddy's door was always open to talk not only about work-related issues, but he also showed care and concern for the individual and his/her family. Buddy's composure and attitude was always refreshing and positive.

On a regular basis, Buddy and his family serves the homeless community by providing hot meals. Whereas others may have seen this as a chore or bother, Buddy would actually be enthusiastic talking about the people that he met while serving and about the food that he was going to prepare.

Buddy is hands down one of the very best supervisor's that I have ever had.

~Submitted by Pamela Logan -DBHDS

This group of individuals has gone above and beyond to maintain continuity of business throughout the pandemic, with smiles on their faces. They have been unable to work from home and have continued to work tirelessly to come in and complete testing needs for clients. In many cases, workloads have increased and employees have left, leaving staff having to do more testing with fewer hands. They have still gone above and beyond to do the very best for client service.

~Submitted by Dr. Jessica Walters, HRAHL -VDACS OLS
Justin Jannuzzi - James Madison University (JMU Duke Club)

Not only is Justin Jannuzzi a phenomenal fundraiser, he epitomizes what it means to be a team player. In 2020, he did not let a job title change affect the quality of his work, dedication to our institution, or his drive toward success. Under Justin's leadership, the Duke Club had record-breaking fundraising years. I admire JJ's ability to go with the flow, adapt to uncertainties and inspire those on the Duke Club staff to do the same. I hope 2021 has in store for Justin: fewer schedule changes, a football season, the ability to resume in-person meetings with donors, and a rebound in fundraising for JMU Athletics. The fact that JJ has a beautiful family with young children at home only makes his work ethic and go-getter attitude even more impressive. Thank you, Justin, for what you do for JMU!

~Submitted by Khalil Garriott - James Madison University, Advancement
Angela Pipia, DMV Richmond

Angela is such a generous person. When the pandemic began, she immediately went into action. She began making masks. She donates the masks to different organizations and even asked everyone in our group if they needed one. She has made masks for me and my family on several occasions, and even made Christmas patterns for my family for the holidays. She accepts no payments for the masks and even pays the postage to send them out. She sees a need and does what she can to help protect the people during these turbulent times. I think she goes above and beyond to take on this task to make our lives easier and less stressful. Thank you Angela!

~Submitted by Rhonda Verra, DMV Richmond
Angela Wethington, Operations Manager, Sussex I State Prison

We would like to recognize Ms. Wethington for all the amazing work she does at our institution. She has been a major backbone for Sussex I for many years. During the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, Ms. Wethington went above and beyond her duties. She has covered several departments from Records to Property. Ms. Wethington comes in early mornings or stays late in the evening to cover shortages. She always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face. This institution wouldn't be the same without her!

~Submitted by Kristina Caroll, Sussex I State Prison
Dr. Mark Hudson, DOE-DJJ

School Principal - Never missed a day of leadership during the entire COVID-19 Pandemic. He was always available to answer questions and lead with sympathy, empathy and courage. He is a true leader.

~Submitted by Vanessa Broadnax, DOE-DJJ
Kellie Hall, Germanna Community College, Associate Nursing Instructor

Kellie took her personal time to meet with me (safely) and show me how to set up and navigate the different technologies that I am required to use. She gave me guidance and instruction on how to get ready and organize myself for my first clinical rotation with students. We spent several hours looking at, talking, and navigating the systems. I feel like I am all set up, excited, and ready to go!! She is a wonderful mentor. This was a huge help to me, and my students will also reap the benefits! Thank you Kellie!

~Submitted byMarci MacGregor, Germanna Community College, Adjunct Nursing Clinical Instructor
Joanna Piserchio and Kyle Eaddy, Department of Juvenile Justice

Joanna and Kyle are onsite at DJJ's central office and manage the receptionist office Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM. They greet guests in person and phone; accept packages, etc., and provide extraordinary support to the agency when called upon. They are a tremendous asset to the agency and their willingness and cooperation is immeasurable.

~Submitted by Martha G. Hazelgrove, Department of Juvenile Justice, Administration and Finance
Jackie Crigger, 12th District Court Service Unit Chesterfield County/Colonial Heights

I would like to nominate Mrs. Jackie Crigger, Administrative & Office Specialist III. She has been a very important part of our office being able to run smoothly since the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic. Mrs. Crigger provided (on her own) handmade masks for all staff members at a time in which we were awaiting masks to be delivered. Mrs. Crigger has also ensured we have had an adequate supply of hand sanitizer and other cleaning products to ensure we are being as safe as possible while still completing our daily tasks. This has been a tremendous task as cleaning products and hygiene items have been on backorder for months. She has also been extremely helpful in obtaining supplies for staff to include cameras and other items which help our staff do their jobs while remaining socially distant. Our excellent customer service to the citizens of Chesterfield County and Colonial Heights has not missed a beat since the pandemic and Mrs. Crigger has been a very big part in allowing this to happen. Mrs. Crigger has also assisted me in ensuring we have proper workplace safety protocols and information for staff safety. She has done all of these things along with her daily work tasks. Thank you.

~Submitted by William Stanley 12th District Court Service Unit Chesterfield County/Colonial Heights
12th District CSU Staff Chesterfield County/Colonial Heights

I would like to nominate the entire 12th District CSU staff, as they have been very flexible, understanding, and hardworking during this COVID-19 pandemic. Staff members have been present and available for the citizens we serve despite the obvious risk to their safety. The staff as a whole has worked through the numerous and sometimes daily changes with great professionalism which has allowed our office to continue to run smoothly during this unfortunate time. They are all to be commended for their outstanding and sometimes thankless efforts.

~Submitted by William Stanley, 12th District Court Service Unit Chesterfield County/Colonial Heights
Tracie Haupt, DJJ, Central Office-Richmond, VA, Human Resources

During the early months of the pandemic, Ms. Haupt, who manages DJJ's HR Benefits and Transaction Unit, was significantly short staffed. She had two vacant positions and two staff were on PHEL and FFCRA for 6 weeks. She had to manage the Benefits needs and most of the PMIS transactions for the entire agency by herself, with the added complexity of learning and managing two new leave policies for the agency, PHEL and FFCRA. She did a fantastic job helping managers and employees through these challenging times.

~Submitted by Heather Schofield, DJJ, Central Office, Human Resources
Department of Wildlife Resources Law Enforcement Dispatch

This center has continued to operate with efficiency throughout Covid and in spite of exposures to the center. This center is the only statewide law enforcement dispatch center in the Commonwealth. This center has continued to provide safety to the officers in the field through the spring hunting season, the busy boating and park attendance seasons, and into the fall hunting season; all of which done within the center without the ability to work from home. This center works every day of the year and deserves to be recognized for their work every year, but especially this year.

~Submitted by Kevin Leonard, Dept. of Wildlife Resources, Richmond
Molly Kirk, DWR, Outreach Division

I cannot say enough about how helpful Molly Kirk has been to me since I joined DWR this year. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with her on a variety of different projects and she is always such a joy to work with! No matter what she has going on, she always responds to my emails and inquiries incredibly quickly. Furthermore, she has come up with some amazing promotional materials for projects that I’m associated with like the falcon cam screengrab contest, which was a huge success! Despite having a very demanding job supporting all of our creative content wants, she makes it look totally effortless!

~Submitted by Meagan Thomas, DWR, Wildlife Division
Tabetha Clay, Department of Wildlife Services - IMS (Telecom)

Tabetha is dedicated, determined, dependable, knowledgeable, and friendly and she provides excellent customer service.

~Submitted by Department of Wildlife Services HQ
James Jones - Department of Wildlife Services - IMS

James has excellent communication skills coupled with over a decade of IT experience and education. He has an outgoing personality, is always willing to help, is a dedicated problem solver and full of energy.

~Submitted by Department of Wildlife Services HQ
Mindy Tucker - DWR Hunter Education

When COVID-19 ended most in-person Hunter Education activities, Mindy stepped up to lead new on-line and distance programs that met customers' needs. She still made time to help the rest of the staff as they struggled with the new "normal" created by COVID. Her expertise and enthusiasm have been invaluable.

~Submitted by David Dodson - DWR Hunter Education
Mindy Tucker- DWR, Outreach, Hunter Education

Mindy is the type of co-worker that everyone wants to have, her efforts and work ethic make everyone around her better, which results in the entire Hunter Education unit better serving the citizens of Virginia. During the pandemic, Mindy has spearheaded several Hunter Education programs that would not have been successful without her. These include adapting the Youth Hunter Education Challenge from the traditional weekend long competition to a virtual event where the competitors competed remotely and submitted their scores; the resulting Awards Program was a live virtual event with competitors and coaches from across the state attending which all involved considered a raving success. Mindy also has spearheaded the efforts for the Home Study Hunter Education class which is a response designed to fill the need of Hunter Education students who have poor or nonexistent internet service who, in normal times, would attend a face to face class, therefore meeting the needs of a potentially lost audience. Mindy’s above and beyond efforts are truly commendable!

~Submitted by Bryan Branch- DWR, Outreach, Hunter Education
Dawn Bushley South Boston Contact Center, VEC

Mrs. Dawn Bushley has helped millions of customers through the pandemic by helping everyone in our agency answer questions with urgency, professionalism, courtesy and empathy. She is a true hero to me and everyone that she has helped that was in need of assistance. I’m a bilingual workforce representative and she has helped me make my job easier for Spanish speaking claimants. It is an honor to write to you, thank you for taking the time to read this note. I have never met her in person, but we have the same goal – to serve everyone in the state of Virginia to the best of our abilities.

~Submitted by Jacqueline S. Moore, Bilingual Workforce Representative, VEC
HR Staff, DWR

Throughout this crazy time I have had to fill 2 Regional Managers and two biologist positions. In addition we have had several close Covid calls and I have had several other questions that have come up. Rebecca, Ray and Lisa have been available to answer questions and help me navigate the various unique issues that have come up! I think we are making some great progress in HR being responsive and helpful and I REALLY appreciate their willingness to answer all of my questions and provide assistance with interviews (Josue and Deanna!!) Thank you for EVERYTHING!!

~Submitted by Jeff Trollinger, Aquatic Wildlife Resources Division
Mindy Tucker- DWR, Outreach, Hunter Education

Mindy is just that awesome go to person that has all the answers and is just a joy to work with! She will be missed in our department.

~Submitted by Jason Miller DWR hunter education
IMS (IT) Team, DWR, HQ, Planning & Finance Division

I wholeheartedly thank the IMS group. Like most people, I "curse the hourglass" whenever the command response is slow. I've forgotten how many times the cure for what ailed my device was as simple as unplugging it. When I do remember to do that before I contact IT HELP, I fancy myself a tech just because it worked when I plugged it back in. DWR IMS doesn't design every app that we use, but they are often blamed when it doesn't work the way we'd like. They fix other peoples messes. I bet some of us blame IT for making it possible to work at home during the pandemic, but I thank them for their part in keeping me healthy since I do have to report to 7870 to get all those checks that come in the mail. Without that revenue, I could just be home - NOT working or getting paid. Believe me, I came to technology kicking & screaming and I will likely only trade in my flip phone when they stop making them, but our IMS team is patient and helpful whenever I need them. Thank you, Ladies & Gents.

~Submitted by Gloria Harrington, DWR, HQ, Planning & Finance
Elizabeth Martin, Christopher Newport University, Cash Services and Student Accounts

On behalf of The Student Accounts Office, we would like to extend our appreciation to Elizabeth Martin on a job well done as the Student Accounts Supervisor. Your hard work and dedication was a big help to us. We realize your task of running two departments was very stressful at times, but you managed to get through it and we would like to say ""THANK YOU"". If there is any kind of special recognition or award can be given to anyone, Elizabeth Martin deserves it. Again, we are thankful and grateful for your role as our Supervisor. Your hard work did not go unnoticed.

~Submitted by Lisa Spruell Johnson, Christopher Newport University, Student Accounts Office
Dana Sanders, DWR Communications

Thank you for everything you do, I can always count on you to help me when needed. You are kind and thoughtful, always offering wisdom at just the right time when I need it. I am so happy to share laughs and tears with you as my partner in Dispatch. Together we have gotten through some crazy times and I know we will excel through many more. Thank you for being a great shift partner!

~Submitted by Jennifer Garnett DWR Communications
Mindy Tucker, Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, Outreach Section

It has been a pleasure to work with Mindy in the Hunter Education Program. Mindy has a heart of gold, and goes above and beyond in everything that she does. I wish her all the best in her position in CWF and Boating in Region 1.

~Submitted by Jeff Pease, Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, Outreach Section
96-1 Nursing Team, Central State Hospital

The nurses and technicians of ward 1 in building 96 at Central State Hospital have met the challenges of 2020 with courage, compassion, resilience and an unwavering commitment to the unique population that they provide care to. This team cares for patients that are diagnosed with neurological or cognitive disorders in addition to psychiatric disorders, in addition to psychiatric patients with complex medical needs. This year they exceeded any expectations that could have been set. Not only did they face the COVID-19 pandemic personally, but they protected all of their patients from it as well. One of the side effects of the pandemic was the sudden limitation to activities for the patients. This team stepped in and stepped up. Rather than hide from the problem, they increased their interactions with the patients and made this very big change not such a big thing.

~Submitted by C. Endreson BSN, RN NUM Bld 96 Ward 1 Central State Hospital
Thomas Odom, Old Dominion University, ITS

As the Event Support Supervisor, Tom and his Webb Media team are typically responsible for managing the technology for thousands of events on campus. When all events were canceled due to the pandemic, he was asked to partner with the Classroom Central team to install Zoom technology in nearly 100 classrooms. Tom was responsible for managing the combined team, ensuring that this very important project was completed before classes started in August. This project was a huge success and allows faculty to teach in person and online simultaneously. Tom along with the combined Webb Media and Classroom Central teams are to be congratulated!.

~Submitted by Cynthia Odom, Old Dominion University, ITS
DOC, Institutional Safety Specialists

These folks are the foundation of a nationally recognized safety program which, in the best of times, is functioning in a very challenging environment. They ensure that we comply with the myriad of changing health and safety rules and regulations administered by multiply authorities with jurisdiction. Then there was COVID-19. They rolled up their sleeves, implemented additional procedures as well as trained, coached and encouraged us to follow them. They worked additional hours to clean and sanitize our facilities and office operations...bless them each and everyone!

~Submitted by Mike Williford, Department of Corrections, Risk Management Unit, HQ
Zach Jones and Jackie Vannoy, VDOT Construction Division

Zach Jones and Jackie Vannoy went above and beyond during our busiest season of advertisements . They took the time to share with others in the group the issues they saw with their projects and took time to teach us how to find these issues in our projects. They would help when we had questions and would always jump in and share their knowledge. Without these two our projects could have potentially had issues during the advertisement.

~Submitted by Nicole Robertson VDOT Construction Division
Jolie Latham, Virginia Tax, Office of Technology

Jolie Latham is so helpful when we have system updates. She always helps me and my team members get up and running when the updates don't install as planned. She always has a willingness to help attitude. Without Jolie, those days would be so much more stressful. Thanks to her, we can continue to do our jobs to help our customers. I appreciate her so much and wanted to take time out to recognize her hard work! Thank you Jolie!

~Submitted by Tammy White, Virginia Tax, Customer Service Contact Center
Kathleen Knight - Lord Fairfax Community College

Kathleen has been great keeping in contact with everyone in our department. During all the changes in software, she has taken it upon herself to make sure we are on track with the changes and training. She has a wealth of knowledge about almost all of the business office functions and is a "go to" for everyone at LFCC. She goes above and beyond for our department and our college.

~Submitted by Sherry Ritenour
Facilities Management and Planning Department - Reynolds Community College

We have all been here working hard since the pandemic just to make sure that when the college re-opened everyone would feel safe when they all returned to a clean and repainted environment. Our custodial staff has worked so hard on making all 3 campus a place where you don't have to worry was this area cleaned today. We have painted all the hallways, some classrooms which for some of us we had never painted before, some of us in custodial services have worked along with the grounds team to help beautify the campus on the outside. I think that all of us here in FM&P at Reynolds CC should be recognized for the hard work we have put in to making the college safe for all to return back to class and work. So to all my team members at Reynolds CC Thanks for working so hard trying to get things back to normal.

~Submitted by Ike Coleman
Katie Morris, DMAS – Division of High Needs Support

Katie is so supportive to the entire division. You can always count on her for assistance. She is always pleasant, and so helpful. Katie wears so many hats, and never ever complains. She is a extremely great person to work with. I really do appreciate her kind, resourceful demeanor. She is truly awesome!

~Submitted by Dashiki McClain
Debbie Morgan - DARS-Fredericksburg

I would like to recognize Debbie Morgan for working so hard and helping me with VPN, it took many calls and emails to get it strait. Also for Office Phones, Disinfecting supplies, stamps/stamp machine and many other things that are working properly because she had her finger in it. Including always being available and picking up the phone to listen and even a praying for family member or friends in need of a prayer.

But the best part about Debbie is she is always in a good mood and never complains! I love you Debbie and I am so glad to work with you and have you available if I have any questions.

~Submitted by Dee Mesa
Jason Tucker, DWR – Outreach Education

Anytime I need help with something, Jason is always there to help. He is a valuable asset in the Department.

~Submitted by Jonah Bowles
Dr. Megan Kirchgessner, DWR – Wildlife Division

Megan has contributed to the safety of agency staff by (a) helping develop guidance docs (e.g., Wildlife Division COVID Risk Minimization Guidance), and (b) modeling good behavior for other employees on several occasions (e.g., social distancing, outdoor meetings, virtual meetings, masks).

~Submitted by Nelson Lafon
DWR - Region 4 Lands & Access Team

I would like to recognize this important team that throughout the pandemic continues to serve the public with safe access to Agency public lands and waters ensuring continued opportunities and enjoyment of wildlife- and nature-related recreation. Further, this team remained responsive to inquiries and complaints to safeguard DWR customers, keep facilities and access points safe, and to continue to promote stewardship, conservation, and enjoyment of Virginia’s fish and wildlife resources.

~Submitted by Ron Hughes
Baxter Bell - DWR, Henrico-HQ, Law Enforcement

Baxter has been the primary backup for the Dispatchers when they cannot work. With Dispatch being short staffed he is often working multiple extra shifts each week, often evenings, over night and weekends. He has shown dedication to the officers in the field and success to the Dispatch mission.

~Submitted by Robert Schmidt
Joe Ferdinandsen - DWR, Wildlife Division

Joe has stepped up and helped me with my programs a few different times during 2020. I needed help coordinating multiple mentored hunt programs and Joe volunteered to help me plan and execute these events. He was a huge help for our Field to Fork deer hunt at Occoquan Bay. He brought food and grilled for people, demonstrated how to properly field dress and butcher a deer and sat out and hunted with a new hunter. Joe also helped to add more access opportunities for mentor/mentee hunts and always seems to be a reliable helping hand when I need someone.

~Submitted by Eddie Herndon
Conservation Police Dispatchers - Dept. of Wildlife Resources

This group of professionals have been steadfast during the pandemic in ensuring officer safety for DWR and DCR conservation police officers; in responding to a myriad of calls for service from the public, NGO's and other state, federal and local law enforcement; and in maintaining a sterile and functional work environment which has fostered the good health of each team member. Their courage to work in a confined space during these uncertain times with an invisible and dangerous virus waiting to accompany any one of them into the communications center has been admirable and commendable. They are a group of true professionals who are dedicated to the officers they serve as well as the public that relies on them to get them the help they need. We are very proud of them!!!!

~Submitted by Major Scott Naff
Ali Davis (Dept. of Wildlife Resources, Nuisance Bear Coordinator, Region 2-Forest) and Sarah Peltier (Dept. of Wildlife Resources, District Wildlife Biologist, Region 2-Forest)

During the summer of 2020, both Ali and Sarah went above and beyond their normal duties to successfully implement black bear field work including capturing and GPS collaring female bears. This work is routinely physically demanding, but with added restrictions and safety precautions for COVID-19 required adaptations and problem solving to successfully complete this year. The team practiced implementing new protocols as mandated by COVID-19 precautions and then followed through with them in real field situations. While the summer of 2020 was a challenging year, Ali and Sarah handled these additional requirements with great attitudes and demonstrated a true team approach to successfully implementing field work in a safe way during these unprecedented times!

~Submitted by Katie Martin
Janet L. Richardson - Department of Wildlife Resources; Region II

COVID-19 presented a myriad of logistical challenges on our administrative workforce and our efforts to supply necessary personal protective equipment. In late February, early March, which was the beginning of the pandemic, Administrative Assistant Janet Richardson attempted ordering necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies through the state’s mandatory suppliers. Unfortunately, most were already out of stock of hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes. No time estimate was given as to when she might receive those backordered supplies so she waited, assuming there would only be a small lag time when suppliers would catch up to the demand. Little did she know how hard it was going to become to find most PPE, even though she was able to obtain nitrile gloves.

She began searching eVA for vendors for PPE to no avail. When it became obvious that the mandatory sources and eVA vendors were not going to get supplies any time soon, she began calling more eVA vendors. Realizing the critical need, she also began searching local stores on her lunch break and on her personal time off.

Finally, on April 28th, a micro SWaM vendor that she uses contacted her about the possibility of getting hand sanitizer. With a sense of urgency, she secured a gallon of hand sanitizer for each of the four regional offices, the Headquarters Office and Dispatch Center. Furthermore, on May 8th, she located and ordered disposable face shields for all police officers at the Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR).

By now, it is May and boat patrols are beginning but no one can find sanitizing wipes to clean boat personal contact areas, for when shifts are over, or when officers encounter the public. With great perseverance, she located a local micro SWaM vendor who had just received a shipment of sanitizing wipes. They had six canisters available and agreed to hold them for her until she could drive across town to pick them up. She arrived at their warehouse as the governor's press conference was announcing that masks would become mandatory so, she secured a good supply of masks. Unbeknown to her, that was the last box of masks that she would be able to locate for quite some time.

On May 26th, she located and purchased supplies to make sanitizing wipes; buckets, cleaner and center-pull towel refills. While the vendor had a limit of three, she persuaded them to sell her six, which would provide 1 bucket for each of the major police boat launch sites in Region 2.

The amount of time and effort that she has expended to locate and procure necessary PPE for regional and agency staff has been remarkable to say the least. The benefits from the efforts put forth were measured by the fact that officers had PPE available even prior to their need and especially during the times when the need was critical. Employees were able to be confident in their ability to function without fear of becoming contaminated or even worse, becoming a casualty. Furthermore, agency constituents were more at ease when dealing with officers and agency employees because employees practiced great hygiene and personal protective care for themselves and the public. In these difficult times, that was a huge asset and hurdle that was overcome through the tenacity and efforts of an employee who made sure staff were provided with safety measures. Janet is always willing to help anyone and will set aside her personal time to do so.

~Submitted by Captain Tony Fisher
Sheila Taylor - DOLI Headquarters

Sheila retired from state service in 2018 after over 40 years of service. She was a part of a two person team. When her teammate passed away unexpectedly in August of 2019, Sheila gladly returned to the agency to fill in while a new team member was chosen and trained. I was blessed to be chosen to service in that position. Sheila has been an absolutely AWESOME trainer. She is thorough and patient. She has made the transition to my new position VERY easy. I think that everyone who begins a new job should have a "Sheila" teaching and guiding them. She did not have to come back, but I (and I am sure everyone else in the agency) am glad that she did. Without her, I am not sure where our program would be!

~Submitted by Jessica Waddy
Crystal Barber - Virginia Cooperative Extension

During the COID-19 Pandemic, Crystal continued engaging with participants in the Diabetics Prevention Program as the Diabetes Lifestyle Coach. At a time when our communities, workplaces and social outlet all ceased, Crystal continued to give back via Zoom an outlet for the participants to continue to meet. Crystal coordinated presentations and activities incorporated into the program though Diabetes Prevention Program (DDP). The participants responded highly motivated with the program and their consistency with healthy lifestyle practices. Some of the activities include: A Diabetes Complications Awareness presentation; Weekly Activity Goals and curriculum lessons. With the completion of this yearlong program on August 28, all of the participants reported experiencing healthy weight management and prevention of T2. Job Well Done, Crystal! Screen reader support enabled.

~Submitted by Bertrille Lomax
All the employees of the Virginia State Park System

Would like to recognize the staff of Virginia State Parks who "leaned-in" during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that our parks stayed open, were properly sanitized, and accessible to the citizens of the Commonwealth and the world! I have never been as proud as I have been of our staff these last months for their resilience and resolve in the face of such stressful times and uncertainty. They have all shown true "Ranger First" character by putting public service and stewardship above self.

~Submitted by David H. Collett - Western Field Operations Manager
Christine Matthews - SEVTC, Administration

Christine has worked tirelessly to help support a team of co-workers in a COVID positive home. She has volunteered to fill the homes basic needs of laundry, supplies including bringing in delicious meals to the employees keep their spirits up. She performs each task without hesitation and continues her own responsibilities as she supports others. She is a true gift to the organization.

~Submitted by Heather Fisher
Selena Ruben - Virginia Tech, College of Natural Resources and Environment

Selena is our fiscal technician. As soon as we moved to our homes to work during the pandemic Selena volunteered to go into the office twice a week to check mail and help keep things moving around campus. She took on additional tasks that typically she would not have to do and personally carried things to other locations for drop off in our place. She is always a ray of sunshine! But during the pandemic she stepped up and filled in holes so that our college could effectively complete tasks from our home offices. Selena is an integral part of the glue that holds our college together. We couldn't have been successful without her!

~Submitted by Heidi Stansfield
Shannon Feinman - Southside Virginia Community College

When Southside Virginia Community College committed to providing socially-distanced, in-person fall classes at our campuses and centers across our ten-county service area, Shannon led our Reopening Taskforce through a summer-long process of ensuring all appropriate safety measures, policies, and procedures were in place to provide our students the access that they need to be successful in a safe classroom environment, supplemented by Zoom-to-Home and online course offerings. Working with colleagues in buildings and grounds, information technology, marketing, academics, student services, workforce, and more, planning led to the campus reopening for classes on August 24. SVCC is committed to its students: "Your health, your future, and your success matter!" Shannon's organization, leadership, and guidance led us to meeting our mission of serving our students.

~Submitted by Dixie Watts Dalton
Carolyn Miller - DARS, Fisherville

Carolyn Miller has held down the fort during this pandemic by being available to all staff by managing operations at the office while the counselors teleworked. This allowed the staff the opportunity to be more efficient with their time and energies. She continued to manage her ESS responsibilities, but also picked up all of the peripheral duties when others weren't available to help. She sent out more mail; spent hours on the phone talking with counselors, vendors, and clients; contacted counselors when issues landed at the office; and, problem-solved a variety of matters that took her above and beyond her usual responsibilities. She worked steadily and never complained, even though she was often overwhelmed with the volume of work to be done. She is always engaged and helpful and a true pleasure to work with. We're very lucky to call her a co-worker and a friend.

~Submitted by Tracy Topolosky
Cindy Jones - Southwestern Virginia Mental Health Institute

The pandemic has been very trying for most in healthcare, but Cindy Jones (Infection Control Director) has demonstrated a selfless attitude during these trying times. She has worked endless hours to insure employees have appropriate PPE and stay safe as well as working with the executive team to insure patient care and safety is top priority. Cindy has coordinated with local and state agencies to keep the staff up-to-date on COVID-19 measures, testing and tracking. Her experience has truly been an asset for our facility, and she is our SHERO!

~Submitted by Vicky Hill
Meghan Wallmeyer Rose - Virginia ABC- Hearings, Appeals and Judicial Services

Meghan is the Chief Clerk at ABC. At the beginning of this COVID-19 pandemic, I became super depressed, ate a lot and felt isolated, from working at home. It got worse as time went on. Then, my husband asked me if I wanted to get dressed, get out of the house and drive the golf cart (while he golfed). Soon, I began taking golf lessons myself and my spirits rose. It gave me a purpose to shower and get dressed. I want to recognize Meghan for allowing me PTO time to take golf lessons. Her generosity with PTO means more to me than I could ever put in words. It brought me out of a deep depression, gave me physical and mental exercise, camaraderie and laughter. When I came back to my home office, I enjoyed speaking with our licensees and explaining the hearing process with so much enthusiasm and positivity. She is truly an inspirational leader and I appreciate her so very much. Thank you, Meghan. You are a real lifesaver.

~Submitted by Lisa Staup
Peggy Bivins - Christopher Newport University, Advancement

Peggy Bivins goes above and beyond the call of duty each and every day, she serves our donors, students, faculty, staff, the President's Office selflessly and consistently and has incredible work ethic and integrity. She has always been a hard working professional before Covid and has maintained the excellence, the can do attitude as she continues to serve our constituents during the times of Covid-19. She is a seasoned professional, who can outwork (with a smile on her face) people who are half her age. Peggy deserves to be recognized and honored, as she honors and serves so many on a daily basis. She improves processes, adds efficiency, is extremely thorough. Ms. Bivins treats all people she interacts with with honor and respect regardless of their socio-economic status or walk of life. She is a wonderful professional and human being, who deserves to be recognized for her outstanding service and excellence, as she continues to serve the Commonwealth of Virginia for the tenth year in a row. Her zeal for life are inspirational and her sense of humor is refreshing. She truly is one in a million. Virginia is lucky to have her.

~Submitted by Yulia Bocharova
J.J., Megan and Nancy at UVA Executive VP and COO Office

Endless hours worked, Professionalism, Diligence, Self-motivation, Dedication and Inspiring, Loving and Kind

~Submitted by Adahlia Lewis
Admin team and ALL employees -  Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind, Staunton

VSDB opened back up to students on August 17 for the first day of school in the 2020-2021 school year. Our employees came back strong and positive and we have had such a great two weeks being back together. VSDB is STRONG and RESILIENT!

~Submitted by Julie Saum
Tishaun Ophelia - Virginia Employment Commission, Unemployment Insurance, Hampton VA

Tishaun is a part of a work group of Hearing Officers that were new to the VEC in June of 2020. Our work group has been onboarding in an office that was closed for several years prior to our hire. Learning the requirements of any new position can be a challenge; learning the requirements during a global pandemic with an extended caseload that was triggered by the pandemic has come with unique challenges that have never been navigated. Reestablishing the building as a workspace while completing the actual work has had a number of technical, physical, and logistics challenges that required patience, dedication, and cooperation in our team. Tishaun has been a leader for all of us, exercising his technical expertise, leveraging his soft skills, and motivating the work group to continue pushing forward through a caseload of now over one million unemployment claims. Tishaun's ability to motivate the team, to stand up and put his knowledge to work, and his team building mentality has motivated all of us and made this transition not only successful, but enjoyable as well. I commend his effort and thank him for all he continues to do.

~Submitted by Cassandra Franklin
Dam Safety and Floodplain Management Team and GIS Support Team - Department of Conservation and Recreation

This team of folks is tasked with regulatory duties related to dam safety and floodplain management. Public safety and community preparedness are the core mission of this group. Over the past seven months this team has been operating at less than optimal staffing levels due to vacancies, but the regulatory requirements and commitment to the safety of the citizens of the commonwealth have remained steadfast. This team consistently works long hours, pitches in to help other team mates, covers where there are vacancies, and is responsive to the needs of the public. This team has engaged in data capture, development and resource building to ensure information necessary to identify dam hazards and flood hazards are at the fingertips of all who wish to have access. They genuinely engage state, local, federal and private partners to spread knowledge and understanding. This group of professionals exemplify public service and I am proud to have them on my team.

~Submitted by Wendy Howard Cooper
Tiffany Jenkins - DARS, Culpeper

As our manager, she has navigated these unknown waters of the pandemic and helped keep our office on track to serve our clients. Most importantly she has once again shown her care and concern for those who work for her.

~Submitted by Patricia Darr
Lynn Lineberger - DARS Culpeper

Lynn has kept us going through this pandemic by doing everything imaginable to support the rest of us in the office and serve our clients.

~Submitted by Patricia Darr
Barbara Boyd - Old Dominion University

Barbara has been a tremendous asset to the operation during the beginning of the pandemic and staffing issues in the office. She took on additional responsibilities when a supervisor's position became vacant. She managed the staff while the manager was assigned to a special assignments. Even with 5 vacant positions in the office, there was limited issues with work backlogs. I am very thankful that Barbara is part of my team. She exhibits excellent characteristics of a team player.

~Submtted by Anonymous
Shelly Williams - DMAS, Budget

This does not represent a single action on a single date. Shelly's dedication and knowledge of all things Budget has been invaluable to me and to others who have recently joined the division, all from outside the agency. She has generously shared her time and knowledge with patience and encouragement. With her history at DMAS, she is often the go-to source for answers on a variety of topics in this busy, complex environment. Shelly is never too busy to help a colleague and her willingness to share her experience has benefited DMAS and her coworkers immeasurably.

~Submitted by Casey Curcie
Phillip Gregory Porter, Intake Supervisor - 31st CSU, Manassas

Mr. Porter has, since day one, gone above and beyond during the COVID crisis. While a combination of teleworking and limited in-office social coverage has been the standard for the rest of us in the CSU, Mr. Porter has been present in the office each and every day. He has ensured that our Intake department procedures remain in sync with our local J&DR court re-opening process, has consistently coordinated fair and safe operations for Intake Officers, has been creative in developing CSU solutions to both emergency filings and necessary filings such as protective orders, criminal complaints by police, and in-house filings by probation staff. He has maintained an overall calm and positive approach which has allowed the rest of us in Intake to remain sane during a pretty insane time. I, for one, am thankful for Mr. Porter's support over these past several months.

~Submitted by Patricia Bromm
Cold Springs Correctional Unit and Cold Springs CCAP - Cold Springs CCAP

During this time of COVID, the correctional staff, administrative staff and support staff have had to come up with unique ways to not only do their job requirements but to keep the joy of the job alive. Social distancing has created feelings of separateness that adds to the "heaviness" of this difficult and stressful job. The staff at Cold Springs CU and CCAP have worked hard to maintain the joy and happiness that has been so unique to these facilities. With staff lunches appreciation meals, pizza days, popcorn, ice cream socials we've been able to stay connected to each other. Through morale boards, Petey awards and a lot of positive affirmations we've been able to encourage the staff which keep us moving forward through this stressful time.

Our staff have created an environment that makes me want to come to work each day. Thank you Cold Springs! You rock!

~Submitted by Kerry Kellogg
Elizabeth "Liz" Shifflett - UVA School of Medicine

Liz is our Chief Operating Officer for the Department of Pediatrics at UVA School of Medicine. She has always done a remarkable job of keeping our department unified and encouraged but through these unprecedented and uncertain times of a National Pandemic she has been the most remarkable leader anyone could ever want or need on their team. She has lead us through so many twist and turns, all with a positive and encouraging attitude. Had it not been for her guidance, reassurance, and availability all hours of the day and night, I'm absolutely sure we would have lost several team members along the way to frustration, fear and anxiety but instead she guided our entire department, faculty and staff through some of the most troubling times of our lives, with grace, dignity and reassurance. She takes every hit we take personally. She stands along side us and doesn't let anything happen to us that she doesn't endure herself, including a pay cut of which she volunteered for. She is an extremely busy member of our team with a lot of hats to wear yet she always has a smile on her face and time in her day for a conversation anytime you want or need one. She is quite simply one of the most amazing leaders I have ever had the privilege of working with.

~Submitted by Dept. of Pediatrics, UVA School of Medicine
Sarah Merrill - VDOT - Salem District - Human Resources

I would like to recognize Sarah for her work handling COVID related issues for our Agency/District. She stepped into a role on a topic that she knew nothing about (who did!) and has handled employee inquiries with the upmost confidence and professionalism. Things seemed to change daily with processing PHEL and FMLA requests. But that didn't phase Sarah. She studied and learned what she needed to do to serve her customers (internal state employees) giving them the most up-to-date guidance she had, all while remaining professional with a smile on her face. Thanks you Sarah for all that you do for VDOT and the COV. You are appreciated!

~Submitted by Heidi McClintic
Virginia State Police Division VI Communications Center - Virginia State Police, Salem

Over the course of the last six months I have worked with the staff of the Division VI Communications Center. They have sacrificed time away from family during the pandemic in order to ensure the Center was staffed, and the Troopers and citizens of the Commonwealth safe. The Center is manned 24/7, and many of the dispatchers are parents who have struggled to find child care as they did not have the option of working from home. They have worked overtime, extra days - and are still doing it - on site during the pandemic. I am proud of them, impressed by them and their hard work for the Commonwealth.

~Submitted by Robert D. Jones
Constance (Tamara) Simmons - VDH/OLC

Constance has always gone above and beyond as a member of VDH/OLC, but has showed exceptional service during this epidemic. She is a pleasure to work with and has an excellent work ethic. I am happy that she is on my team, my coworker and friend, who is always willing to help us all!

~Submitted by Anonymous
Lynn Crump - DCR, Planning and Recreation Resources

Lynn has worked very hard to raise the profile of DCR's Scenic Rivers Program on its 50th anniversary in 2020. On July 1, six new river segments were added to the system adding more than 110 miles, more than any other year in the history of the program.

~Submitted by Jennifer Wampler
Allie Yarbrough - Piedmont Geriatric Mental Health Hospital - 3W

Although the staff on 3W have excellent caring relationships with our patients, It is my experience that Allie goes above and beyond providing care making sure they are clean, dry, and comfortable for those who rely on others, she sets times for showers so no one is missed and is diligent about hand washing after a bathroom visit. I am relaxed and feel good knowing my patients are cared for when I work with Allie.

~Submitted by Anonymous
Alexis Burton - VDH Fredericksburg Health Department WIC Office

Alexis goes above and beyond to help. She aids numerous people throughout the day to include WIC co workers, VDH co workers and WIC recipients. She makes all of our jobs easier, better and more manageable because of her dedication to the program. Alexis will cover for those who are out sick or on vacation, help anyone understand their job better and is just an all around easy person to work with. Whenever I have needed help or just a listening ear Alexis is always available, during work and after work. Our WIC clients are taken care of with the best care and knowledge and are helped over and beyond. I am blessed to call her my co worker and to work with her each and everyday!

~Submitted by Lorraine OBrien
Tonya Thompson - DMV Tysons Corner

I picked Tonya Thompson because she is the Happiest Person I have every met. Everyday I work with her she smiles. Her personality is always positive and so delightful. When she is having a bad day you will never know it. She is a shining star at Tyson's Corner. Ms Tonya you inspire all those that know you. You are so special. I am grateful to have met and worked with you and thank you for being a Shining Star.

~Submitted by LaWanda Brown
Renee Robinette May, Russell Co. Social Services Lebanon VA

During the Energy assistance program Renee would go above and beyond to help those in need of applications she made sure each person had an self address envelope in the applications mailed out so clients would not have to come out in public and expose themselves to covid 19 to get stamps or bring them to our office drop boxes. She is always trying to help others in need.

~Submitted by Karen Gordon
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