Employees approved for the loan will not receive funds if:

Your BalanceTrack® score doesn't reach 8 out 10 (you are able to retake the quiz)

Your BalanceTrack® score isn't recorded under Virginia State Employee Loan Program with the same name as it appears on your loan application.

Your payroll officer does not process your direct deposit form and send notification to the loan staff contact (Payroll Officers have this contact info).
How to Apply
Step One Complete the online BalanceTrack® Financial Fitness REQUIRED course.

Online course requires that employee:

  • Review Chapters
  • Fill-in personal information on quiz page so that your score can be recorded. Note: Quiz requires an email address. If employee does not have an email address, then type in VaEmpLoans@dhrm.virginia.gov
  • Obtain a score of at least 8 out of 10 correct answers to continue with loan application (Employees can retake the quiz if necessary)
Step Two Complete the Loan Eligibility checklist
Step Three

Approved Loans require employee to submit deposit form to their payroll officer.

Employees who have been approved for the loan and have properly completed the BalanceTrack® requirement will receive funds no later than two (2) business days from the Loan Office receiving proper notice from employee's Payroll Office.
For more information about the Virginia State Employee Loan Program, loan repayment, and interest rates, visit the FAQ page.