It is the Commonwealth's objective to allow employees to assist areas that have been officially declared disaster areas.


[REVISED 12/94]

This policy applies to positions covered under the Virginia Personnel Act to include full-time and part-time classified, restricted, and "776" employees. (See section II(A) of Policy 2.20, Types of Employment.)


This policy authorizes paid leave for employees who provide assistance to disaster stricken areas, in situations where such services are not within employees' normal job duties. Where providing such services is within employees' normal job duties, the restrictions of this policy do not apply and employees may provide such services in the manner directed by their agencies.


A. Paid leave for employees to assist in disaster stricken areas may be granted when a disaster has been officially declared by the President of the United States, or a State of Emergency has been declared by the Governor of any state.

B. Employees granted leave under this policy shall be paid at their regular rates of pay for those regular work hours during which the employees are absent from work.

C. Requests for assistance must have been made by public officials at the site of the disaster. Employees must provide to their agency heads written requests to participate in disaster relief prior to providing disaster relief pursuant to this policy.

[November 1, 1999 Revision] Employees who are called to active duty in the military or National Guard for emergency service shall be paid their regular salaries for the time they are under active service orders. Additionally, this time will not count toward the 15 days that they are allowed per federal fiscal year for training.

D. The service(s) provided by the employees must be related to a specialized skill or training that the employees possess.

E. Up to two weeks of leave (80 hours) annually may be granted to employees who are providing disaster assistance.

F. The Commonwealth will not pay for expenses related to employees providing disaster assistance (e.g., travel, food, lodging).

G. Leave granted to employees pursuant to this policy shall be at the discretion of their agency heads.


A. This policy is issued by the Department of Personnel and Training pursuant to the authority provided in Chapter 10, Title 2.1, of the Code of Virginia. This policy supersedes Policy 1.14, Disaster Relief, effective July 1, 1993.

B. The Director of the Department of Personnel and Training is responsible for official interpretation of this policy, in accordance with section 2.1-114.5(13) of the Code of Virginia. Questions regarding the application of this policy should be directed to the Department of Personnel and Training's Office of Policy and Personnel Programs. The Department of Personnel and Training reserves the right to revise or eliminate this policy as necessary.