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State Employee Health Coverage

Enrolling and Making Changes

Q1. Who can enroll?
Classified employees and faculty members are eligible for health care coverage and flexible reimbursement accounts. Wage employees and adjunct faculty are not eligible.
Q2. What is an election?
An election is the choice you make related to enrollment in health care coverage or flexible reimbursement accounts. Elections are approved requests that include enrolling or waiving coverage, adding or removing family members, and changing your plan.
Q3. When can enrollment or election changes be requested?
Initial Enrollment Period  Initial Enrollment requests are made within 30 calendar days of when you begin employment with the State (including being rehired more than 30 days after termination from the State) or become newly eligible for State coverage. The 30-day count includes the event date.
Open Enrollment Period  Open Enrollment occurs each year in the spring and is announced in the Open Enrollment newsletter, Spotlight, which is mailed to your home. This is your annual opportunity to request enrollment or make election changes.
Qualifying Mid-year Event
Certain qualifying mid-year events permit specific election changes with supporting documentation. Election changes must be on account of and correspond with the event. Your election change request must be submitted within 60 calendar days of the qualifying mid-year event. The 60 day count includes the event date. Changes are irrevocable once the effective date has occurred.
Q4. How are enrollment or election changes requested?
Click on the EmployeeDirect link at www.dhrm.virginia.gov or complete and return an Enrollment Form to your agency’s Benefits Administrator.
Q5. When are enrollment or election changes effective?
Coverage always begins on the first day of a month and ends on the last day of a month. See Initial Enrollment, Open Enrollment or the specific Qualifying Mid-year Event for details. Elections are irrevocable once the effective date has occurred.
Q6. What is provided when enrollment is approved?
An ID card and Member Handbook are provided when you enroll in health care coverage. Those who enroll in a flexible reimbursement account are provided a FSA confirmation and Sourcebook. The Extended Coverage General Notice (COBRA) and the Employee/Retiree Privacy Notice are provided to all who qualify.
Q7. What happens when coverage ends?
When coverage ends, an Extended Coverage Election Notice (COBRA) is available to only those who qualify. Retirees, survivors, and those approved for long-term disability may be eligible for continued coverage in the State Retiree Health Benefits Program.
Q8. Where is more information?
More information is available at www.dhrm.virginia.gov . The Health Benefits section includes eligibility rules, available plans and programs, premiums, and contact information. Your agency’s Benefits Administrator can help with any other questions.