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Equal Employment Opportunity

EEO Training

In addition to creating a major disruption in the workplace, complaints of unlawful discrimination can result in large monetary awards to the victims. A major element of an effective equal employment opportunity program is the training of managers and supervisors. Accordingly, DHRM's Office of Equal Employment and Dispute Resolution is available to conduct onsite EEO training programs designed to address your unique needs and specific work environment.  Specifically, OEEDR offers an interactive training program covering all of the relevant laws for managers and supervisors, including the two most complex equal opportunity employment laws, sexual harassment and disability discrimination. EEO training programs include but are not limited to:

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is among the most sensitive, explosive, and disruptive claim of discrimination that can occur in the workplace. This half day workshop provides managers and supervisors with the pertinent information to enable them to recognize behavior that may constitute unlawful sexual harassment. This workshop also identifies management's affirmative obligation to stop such behavior and provides practical pointers concerning how to prevent and to resolve sexual harassment complaints in the workplace, along with Tips for Conducting Sexual Harassment Investigations.

Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act

Most acts of employment discrimination against persons with disabilities are not intentional. These acts occur because of a lack of knowledge about the technical rules of the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act (ADAAA). This half day workshop provides managers and supervisors with a practical and comprehensive guide for understanding the complexities associated with the ADAAA, including compliance activities.

Fundamentals of Equal Employment Opportunity Laws

This is a half day workshop which provides managers and supervisors with an overview of all federal equal employment laws and management's responsibilities.

OEEDR is available to design and provide an onsite training program to fit your specific need in any of the relevant employment laws; i.e., religious accommodation, ADAAA as related to Worker's Compensation, ADAAA as related to FMLA, the Pregnancy Act, etc.