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Grievance Hearing Officer Fees

Among EEDR’s most important objectives in administering the grievance procedure and its hearing process has been to assure that hearing officer services have been cost effective for agencies. For that reason, a flat rate fee schedule was established for both full-time and part-time hearing officers. This flat rate has helped to stabilize costs and establish a high degree of budget predictability. The amount and payment of fees is listed in the Hearings Program Administration Policy.

The established fee amount covers all services and disbursements incurred for the hearing officer to conduct an employee grievance hearing, including travel, trip, or office expenses.  The fee is paid by the agency involved in a grievance hearing.

Flat Fee Effective July 1, 2016:  $1850

Flat Fee Effective October 1, 2017:  $1950

Consolidated hearings:  $2925 for two consolidated grievances, and an additional $400 for each subsequent grievance consolidated into a single hearing.

Grievances that are settled or concluded prior to the hearing are billed on a prorated basis as a percentage of the unconsolidated hearing flat fee-

  • 10% after the appointment and opening of a case file.
  • 25 % after the prehearing conference is scheduled.
  • 50 % after the prehearing conference is conducted.
  • 100 % if the hearing officer travels to the hearing site.

Fees for EEDR-employed hearing officers are paid to the Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM).  Fees for OES hearing officers are paid directly to the hearing officer.  In addition, if EEDR determines that a case heard by an OES hearing officer is so complex that it is the equivalent of multiple hearings, the OES hearing officer may be paid up to an additional $1950 by DHRM.