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Attorney Fees Limits For Representation at Hearing

In 2004, the General Assembly passed legislation authorizing the recovery of reasonable attorneys' fees by an employee who is represented by an attorney at a grievance hearing and substantially prevails on the merits of a grievance challenging his or her discharge. Pursuant to that legislation, the Office of Equal Employment and Dispute Resolution (EEDR) adopted rules to govern fee awards. Those rules established hourly rates and the process by which a fee award can be requested, contested, and ordered by the hearing officer.  For more information, see Section 7.2(e) of the Grievance Procedure Manual and Section VI(E) of the Rules for Conducting Grievance Hearings.

Grievants will be allowed to recover at their attorneys' customary hourly rate not to exceed $131 per hour ($158 per hour if the attorney's practice is located in Northern Virginia).

Please call EEDR's AdviceLine at 888-232-3842 (toll free) or 804-786-7994 with any questions regarding these limits.