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Talent Acquisition Resources

Attracting, finding, and selecting talent is an important piece of the talent management cycle to ensure the Commonwealth of Virginia can provide the services that Virginia's citizens want and need.  Below is a set of tools to help agencies cultivate effective and efficient talent acquisition processes to meet their mission and the mission of the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Think50! Infographic:  What Is Think50!?   New!
Think50! Recorded Webcast   New!
Report – FY19 Mean Days to Hire  New!
Recruiting Tools Recruiting Plan Template  New!
Talent Acquisition Tips  New!
New Hire Survey Template   New!
Recruiting and Hiring People With Disabilities
Veteran’s Outreach & Recruiting
Commonwealth STEM Industry Internship Program (CSIIP)
Minority Publications List
COVA Executive Search Consulting Firms
RMS Resources RMS – PA7 Resources
Recruitment Management System Resources and Information
    Navigating A Path To Workforce Excellence