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Recruitment Management System FAQs for Human Resources

How do I create a user account for my agency?

Agencies must determine who will serve as the agency administrator for the RMS and provide DHRM with the appropriate name(s) for approval. Please go to https://jobs.agencies.virginia.gov/hr to create your user accounts. You will receive an email response to indicate that your account has been activated. Once the administrator user account has been established by DHRM, the agency then must designate the number of agency users and determine the level of access within the system. If your have questions or need further assistance, please send your information to rmsinquiry@dhrm.virginia.gov

What URL does my agency use to link to the VirginiaJobs employment site?
Agencies should use http://jobs.agencies.virginia.gov/hr to link to the state's new online employment site.

What URL does the applicant use to access the state's online employment site?
Applicants should continue to use http://jobs.virginia.gov to access job listings on the state's employment site.

What happens to the data created in the RMS test or training site? 
The RMS test site has been disabled and all data removed from the system. However, the RMS training site located at http://training252.peopleadmin.com/hrwill remain active indefinitely and can be used as a training tool for agency HR staff and hiring managers.

Is there a cost to agencies to use the Recruitment Management System?
There is no agency cost associated with the use of the RMS. DHRM serves as the account holder and owner of the employment site.

My agency has established close of business for receipt of applications as 4:30 p.m. Since the Recruitment Management System (RMS) can accept applications until 5:00 p.m., do I need to change my close of business hours?
No, agencies may continue to use their established close of business hours, regardless of what they may be. The system will continue to accept applications until 5:00 p.m. It is recommended that agencies include in their job announcement, perhaps under special instructions, the preferred close of business hours for receipt of applications.

What do I do if I experience difficulty in using the system?
A DHRM helpline has been created to address any issues associated with the use of RMS. For assistance, please contact RMSinquiry@dhrm.virginia.gov . DHRM will work with the client services team at PeopleAdmin to resolve any issues.

When can my agency begin to create templates for the live system?
Effective immediately, agencies may begin to create templates in the system once their user accounts have been established.

Will my agency need to report applicant flow data once the RMS goes live?
Once an agency begins to use RMS they do not have to submit Applicant Flow data. DHRM will be able to extract the data needed for compliance purposes from RMS and upload it into the EEO Assessment Tool. There will be a delay in uploading the data into the EEO Assessment Tool so an agency's data may not be readily available once RMS goes live. Agencies will be notified when they can access their data in the EEO Assessment Tool.

Will my agency be able to run reports from the RMS? 
Yes, the system offers a reporting function in several areas. Also, DHRM can be provided a daily "dump" of information from PeopleAdmin, the system host, that will be uploaded to our repository (HuRMan). To access the information, you would simply use your established log-on and password. You will need to request access to the new reporting tools.

How will an agency access RMS reporting tool? 
Agencies will need to request access to the DHRM Data warehouse and the RMS reporting tool. If the agency already has access to the data warehouse, they will need to request access to the reporting tool that will be added to the drop-down menu in HuRMan.

How can hiring managers be involved in the RMS? 
Hiring managers can have access to the system to create a requisition request and submit it electronically through an established workflow process to obtain necessary approvals. Agency HR will review the requisitions for approval, notifying the hiring manager of the status of the requisition request. Agency HR determines the level of access for the hiring manager, whether he/she can view the application, resume, and cover letter online or track search results and applicant statuses.

If the RMS is an online employment system, how will agencies handle paper applications? 
The RMS is an online employment system that is designed to improve the recruiting and hiring process. Within state government, the hiring process is decentralized. There have been no changes to the hiring policy. Therefore, it is an agency's decision as to whether their hiring process will be totally paperless or not. If the agency's decision is to go paperless, applicants must be notified and the agency must provide assistance to those individuals who may not have access or the skills to use computers. This can be accomplished by providing a kiosk or stand-alone computer where applicants may access job information and apply online. Other resources are available through local libraries, Virginia Employment Commission offices or the DHRM Career Center. Also, the system will allow the agency to scan in a copy of the state application if it is saved in a document. If this approach is taken, agency staff will need to key limited demographic information pertaining to the applicant.