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Career Groups - Alphabetical Order Listing
Career Group
Career Group Code
Occupational Family
Administration and Office Support 19010 Administrative Services
Agricultural Services 59010 Natural Resources and Applied Science
Aircraft Operations 79010 Trades and Operations
Architecture and Engineering Services 39050 Engineering and Technology
Audit and Management Services 19190 Administrative Services
Building Trades 79030 Trades and Operations
Computer Operations 39010 Engineering and Technology
Counseling Services 49010 Health and Human Services
Dental Services 49030 Health and Human Services
Direct Service 49050 Health and Human Services
Education Administration 29130 Educational and Media Services
Education Support Services 29140 Educational and Media Services
Electronics 39030 Engineering and Technology
Emergency Services 69150 Public Safety
Engineering Technology 39070 Engineering and Technology
Environmental Services 59030 Natural Resources and Applied Science
Equipment Service and Repair 79050 Trades and Operations
Financial Services 19030 Administrative Services
Food Services 79210 Trades and Operations
Forensic Science 69130 Public Safety
General Administration 19220 Administrative Services
Health Care Compliance 49170 Health and Human Services
Health Care Technology 49090 Health and Human Services
Hearing and Legal Services  19070 Administrative Services
Historical Services and Preservation 29030 Educational and Media Services
Housekeeping and Apparel Services 79070 Trades and Operations
Human Resources Services 19090 Administrative Services
Information Technology Specialists 39110 Engineering and Technology
Laboratory and Research Technicians and Specialists 59070 Natural Resources and Applied Science
Land Acquisition and Property Management 19110 Administrative Services
Law Enforcement 69070 Public Safety
Library Services 29050 Educational and Media Services
Life and Physical Science  59130 Natural Resources and Applied Science
Media and Production Services 29070 Educational and Media Services
Minerals Regulatory Services 59090 Natural Resources and Applied Science
Natural Resources Specialists 59110 Natural Resources and Applied Science
Nursing/Physician Assistance Services 49110 Health and Human Services
Pharmaceutical Services 49130 Health and Human Services
Physician Services 49150 Health and Human Services
Policy Analysis and Planning 19130 Administrative Services
Printing Operations 79090 Trades and Operations
Probation and Parole 69090 Public Safety
Procurement Services 19150 Administrative Services
Program Administration 19210 Administrative Services
Psychological Services 49210 Health and Human Services
Public Relations and Marketing 29090 Educational and Media Services
Public Safety Compliance 69030 Public Safety
Rehabilitation Therapies 49230 Health and Human Services
Retail Operations 79110 Trades and Operations
Security Services 69110 Public Safety
Stores and Warehousing Operations 79130 Trades and Operations
Training and Instruction 29110 Educational and Media Services
Transportation Operations 79150 Trades and Operations
Utility Plant Operations 79170 Trades and Operations
Veterinary Science 59150 Natural Resources and Applied Science
Watercraft Operations 79190 Trades and Operations